Group Heal Macros

Group Heal Macros are extremely important for you to setup as they're your only means of healing your group. While boxing an entire group it's extremely ineffective to have to tab to any of your other clients at all to perform an action. Therefore you're never going to want to tab to your Healer and select a target to heal them. Your healers keep the tank targeted all the time and whenever someone else takes damage they spam their group heal.

If you're thinking well that's incredibily inefficient then my advice would be tank better! You should only lose agro for brief moments and your group should almost never be taking damage. You as the boxer have control of the entire situation.

The macro above is my Druid's Group Heal macro. It uses the extremely fast group heal that Druids and Shamans both get and then the really slow normal group heal. My Clerics have a very similar macro but instead it usually opens up with Divine Arbitration.

I recommend you go through all of your character's AAs and pick and choose what to use yourself. I might not use the Druid Abilities you like, you might want to use Nature's Boon instead or some other AA. For those of you that ain't got time for non' of that learnin stuff I have included a few of my abilities below which are in Group Heal Macros


Cleric Macros I use:

Spells: Word of Greater Restoration

/alt act 169 Divine Arbitration

/alt act 38 Celestial Regeneration

/alt act 137 Beacon of Life

/useitem Aegis of Superior Divinity (Cleric Epic; DA clicky)


Druid Macros I use:

Heals: Survival of the Auspicious & Lunasalve (or whatever the highest level version of these two spells is)

/alt act 3714 is Protection of Direwood

/alt act 959 Blessing of Tunare

/alt act 185 is Spirit of Wood


Shaman Macros I use:

Spells: Eyrzekla's Recourse

/alt act 447