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Cultural Armor Materials - Spinneret Fluid

The Cultural Armor became available during the Dragons of Norrath Expansion. In order to make Cultural Armor you will need the specific skill in either Smithing or Tailoring and have the recipes and materials required. The recipes can be obtained via a quest from your home town when you have the required skill. The base Cultural Armor is fairly weak but when you put the Cultural Augs in the armor becomes very powerful. The Augmentations for the armor as well as the Seals can be made with Pottery.

Each race can make a different set of Armor and only their set of armor. What this means is if you're a Troll you can only make and wear Troll Cultural armor. Same applies for every other race. However anyone is able to make the Augs and Seals for the armor. Even though everyone can make the augs, something to keep in mind is that they are diety specific. Meaning if you're Tunare you can only use Tunare augs.

NOTE: When you purchase a race change your Cultural gear will not change with you.

Name of Spinneret Fluid / Level of Spinneret Fluid

Tacky Spinneret Fluid - 10

Sullied Spinneret Fluid - 20

Thick Spinneret Fluid - 30

Crude Spinneret Fluid - 40

Natural Spinneret Fluid - 50

Pristine Spinneret Fluid - 55

Fine Spinneret Fluid - 60

Excellent Spinneret Fluid - 65

Superb Spinneret Fluid - 70

Flawless Spinneret Fluid - 75

Exquisite Spinneret Fluid - 80

Immaculate Spinneret Fluid - 80

What To Do With The Spinneret Fluid Besides Making Armor

This is the ultimate question for a non tradeskiller. You don't have many options when it comes to the Spinneret Fluid since it can't be sold to a vendor and the lower levels are really difficult to sell in The Bazaar. Sell any of the Spinneret Fluid that is under level 50 will be nearly impossible. Don't get me wrong, it will sell but probably for 1pp each 2 months later. A good way to sell this Spinneret Fluid, or see if people are buying it is to go to The Bazaar and type /barter. This will bring up a list of all "Buyers" in The Bazaar, once this is up you can see if anyone is buying what you have.

Aside from /barter the only other way to sell the Spinneret Fluid is through a trader or trying /1 . However, I don't recommend /1, mainly because it is annoying and chances are if it isn't selling in /barter or /trader no one wants it anyway.