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Everfrost Peaks Mammoth Farming

The mammoths in Everfrost Peaks are also another great option for farming in old school EQ. The mammoths drop tusks which will sell to a vendor for quite a bit as well as drop Mammoth Meat, which is used in creating Halas 10lb Meat Pies, which are what people raising their Baking will focus on making in the early 200's. The main reason you will be farming here is for some of that Mammoth Meat. You'll be able to sell this to a lazy player that doesn't feel like farming so fast you won't even be able to blink.

One thing I would like to add before coming out here is make sure you have bags that can hold "GIANT" items. The tusks that drop off the fully grown mammoths (not the calfs) are GIANT items and will only fit in a bag that can hold them. If you need a cheap bag that will hold them buy yourself some Hand Made Backpacks. They will do the trick for the time being. Also, if you're confused as to where exactly you will find the mammoths you need to farm, I've posted a handy dandy picture below!

All around the frozen tundra in eastern Everfrost you will find mammoths as well as many other snow creatures wondering around. If you run out of mammoths then start killing everything you see. All the other yard trash out here shares a spawn with the mammoths.

Additional Note: The polar bears drop a Polar Bear Skin which is an item wanted by newbie Barbarians since it is used in one of their newbie armor quests. So, if you get one announce that you're looking to sell it in ooc. I generally see them selling for 15-50pp, depending on the day and the person.


Items of Interest:

Mammoth Meat