Everfrost Giants Farming Guide

The Ice Giants in Everfrost are very similar to the Hill Giants in Rathe in the fact that they all drop pretty much the same things. You will find a good array of loot off these, mostly all of it is vendor trash. Much like the giants in Rathe, your main source of income will be the Fine Steel Weapons that they drop accompanied with the plat you get off their bodies upon looting them. Usually you can expect anywhere from 1-50pp and a Fine Steel Weapon when they die. The only downside of these giants compaired to the ones in Rathe is they aren't as abundant and are usually always camped.

However, since they are so far out of the way compaired to the giants in Rathe, you will have a fairly decent shot of getting into the group that farms these, depending on your level of course. I'd recommend any level 30-33+. You may need to be at least level 33 if there is a level 50 here since that is the highest possible level you can group with. If you're level 50 and you come all the way out here only to realize they are camped, worry not! You can always head into Permafrost Caverns and farm the goblins inside of there for a bit.

As with all farming locations that drop heavy stuff (like Fine Steel Weapons) you need a place nearby in order to vendor your goodies. Luckily there is a vendor in Everfrost that will fit those needs! He is a small run away and I'm fairly certain he will only interact with good races, since he is a Barbarian. Below is a map of where you can find him in relation to the Ice Giant camp.

In the upper left hand corner of that map you can see "Starn" on my map, that is the vendor you will want to visit to sell your lewtz. If you're evil, I have no idea where the closest Vendor is, at least not in early EQ like this. Once LDoN comes out you will be able to use that vendor.


Items of Interest:

Fine Steel Weapons