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Tear of Alaris Guide

The Tears of Alaris is one of the smaller upgrades you can get for your characters - most classes won't see much of an upgrade from it at all, the classes who benefit the most would be tank and any melee fighter, especially those who solo a lot. The Tear's main boost is the defense % it gives you.

Everyone will benefit from it but obviously some classes are more prone to taking damage than others. In order to manifest the tear (or create it, whatever) players will need to loot a Fragment of Legendary Alaran History and right click on it, this will make the tear appear on their cursor. Place it in your ranged slot to start feeding it XP when you kill an Alaran.

Be warned, grinding this tear will take forever and forever is an understatement. If you can't AoE farm the Alarans and you're only one person I would say expect the tear to take months. If you're a boxer and capable of AoE farming it'll signifigantly cut down how long it takes to grind this tear but it'll still take weeks or even a month.

To raise this tear the fastest way possible focus on only increasing its level through killing Alarans for the first 10 - 12 ranks of the tear. The reason for this is because each Fragment of Legendary Alaran History gives you a 5% increase to your tears level. This means it's better to save them for later on when it takes more kills for 5% rather than use them early.

Fragment of Legendary Alaran History

I have only completed the tear a total of three times and each time I usually got the tear to rank 12 - 14 before using any tablets. It takes 20 tablets to raise it a full level which means 15 - 20 is 100 tablets in total. Usually I end up banking 120 - 140 before I start using them.... I know it's a huge number and if you've seen how uncommon these tablets are you're probably thinking jeeze louise man. How did you keep your sanity? I like grinding and as a boxer I can handle tons of alarans at a time. It definitely makes things a whole lot easier that way!

I generally only do the Tear on my tanks. I have started to level the tear on many of my casters but I only loot the tablets on my tanks because the defense % bonus you get from the tear far outweighs any other upgrade that it gives. In fact I would say the tear is an extremely important mini upgrade to get for tanks but kinda useless for anyone who doesn't plan to take any hits. That said though, everyone takes some hits from time to time so use your own judgment on if you'd benefit a lot from spending your time grinding this thing out. It's going to take well over 100hrs to get it.

The Tears of Alaris