Circle of Clickies

In Everquest there are Circle of <Name> clickies that work as Auras that you can click at any time with unlimited uses. Using one will give not only you but all nearby allies a benefit. They share some of the same restrictions as other auras in the game do, so if your class already uses an aura you will overwrite it by using the Circle clicky. Also, the circle of clickies share a 30min cooldown and their effects last for two minutes. Those are really the only draw backs I can think of.

Outside of those few drawbacks, these are amazing items if used properly and some raid guilds even have people cycle circle clickies that way the whole raid will always have the effect on them. Each circle clicky does something different, let me break them down by effect

Circle of Life - Increases healing done spells by x% to x%. It doesn't work on combat abilities

Circle of Power - Increases spell crit chance and increases chance to crit with all skills.

Circle of Mana - Decrease spell mana cost

Guardian Circle - Increases chance to dodge

If you're curious of what some of the effects do here's some of their links for you to check out.

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Circle of Serenity - Circle of Life III

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