Overhaste Clickies (Ancestral Memories/Taelosian Guard)

In Everquest there is usually at least one item per expansion added in with Ancestral Memories or Taelosian Guard on it. The rank of Ancestral Memories or Taelosian Guard of course depends on how difficult the item is to obtain. Ancestral Memories is the name of the overhaste clicky affect that can be found on some items throughout the game. Taelosian Guard only has a single rank but it's the most common of all the overhaste clickies. Most group items come with Taelosian Guard or AM 1 on it, some more difficult to obtain group items or older raid items have AM 2 and only raid items have AM3.

Taelosian Guard is only an 8% overhaste clicky.

Ancestral Memories III is a 16% overhaste clicky whereas Ancestral Memories I is just a 12% increase.

Then you have the super awesome, Ancient Cloak of Flames - an item that can only be obtained for a short while each year that comes available during DDD (Dragons, Dragons Dragons) or Hardcore Heritage. Or maybe they're the same thing these days, not sure! You can obtain the Ancient Cloak of Flames from taking out the revamped nagafen raid encounter or through a random drop in the revamped Hardcore Heritage zone.

The Ancient Cloak of Flames is the only item of its kind but it has a whole new overhaste affect on it called Ancient Flames. This has an overhaste clicky of 17% instead of 16%.

Strifetorn Necklace