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Everquest Endgame Camps (Rain of Fear Expansion)

I have been asked a ton by people who use my website to upload 'endgame' EQ guides that cover popular camps/areas for max level players to grind out some AAs or some good loot. Well your prayers have finally been answered because I have finally decided to branch out from EQ noobie guides to covering all different aspects of Everquest! This page will work as an index page for all the good Rain of Fear campsites that I have managed to find in my travels.

I will seperate them based on what tier zone they are, starting with Tier 1 camps first and moving down the chain until I get to Tier 4. Also I will add new camps to this page as they are discovered by me. Although it is worth mentioning that I am very picky on what camps I will be adding to this page. My standards are extremely high and chances are unless there are multiple nameds you can pull from one camp I will not make a guide for that camp. There will of course be some exceptions, such as a named that drops a really good item such as an aug or something like that which I will make a guide for.

You may be wondering now what the picture above these paragraphs represents. What I did is took a screenshot of the ingame map and shrunk it down a bit so it doesn't fit awkwardly onto this page. You can left click it to enlarge it back up to it's normal size. On this map I marked each zone, T1, T2, T3 and T4. Incase you're really new to Rain of Fear and you need that guidance, I hope that map has helped you!

Tier 1 Camps

Crystal Caverns Bottom of the Pit

Kael Drakkal: Northern end of zone

Goral Camp in Shard's Landing

Shard's Landing - Underground City (Great XP)

Tier 2 Camps

Grelleth Camp

Breeding Grounds - Velishan Camp (Aug Camp)

Breeding Grounds - Akyail

Evantil, The Vile Oak - Ruaabri Camp

Evantil, The Vile Oak - Burntbark (Aug Camp)

Valley of Xorbb Sewers

Valley of Xorbb - Stormwheel + Frothtooth

Tier 3 Camps

Plane of Shadow 'Water' Camp

Plane of Shadow 'Tempest' Camp

Plane of Shadow XP Camp

Silvi The Mistress Chelsith Camp

Tier 4 Camps





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