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How to make Aqualung

Aqualung is one of the items required to make Rebreathers, an item that has Enduring Breath on it and is one of the only routes available to raise Tinkering in Classic Everquest. You can also use this recipe to skill up your Tinkering Skill in Classic EQ if you'd like considering everything to make an Aqualung can be purchased from a vendor.


Aqualung (148 Trivial)

All of the items required to make an Aqualung are purchased from a vendor. Everything except the Fresh Fish can be purchased from the Tinkering Supplies Vendors in East Freeport or Plane of Knowledge. The Fresh Fish you'll want to purchase from a Fishing Supplies vendor or from one of the different Bakers that have it.

1 Fine Coral Mesh

1 Fresh Fish

1 Gnomish Bolts

1 Metal Rod

1 Metal Twine

1 Silk Lined Steel Helm