Ice Burrower Silk Farming Location

Ice Burrower Silk creates Ice Silk Gear, a set of gear for casters that was added during the Velious expansion pack. This silk can only be farming from a single enemy in a single location in the entire game, an ice burrow - a large worm like enemy that wanders around Western Wastes.

You will find Ice Burrowers roaming around on the portions of Western Wastes which are highest above sea level. For those confused, they basically roam around everywhere in Western Wastes that isn't one of the large giant craters where you'll find Dragon Necropolis and Temple of Veeshan. Use my map below for the most common spots to find these guys roaming.

Once you've collected all of the Ice Burrower Silk you need, in order to use it you'll need to combine it all together to make an Ice Burrower Silk Swatch. This item is what's actually used in creating all of the Ice Silk armor. The recipe is listed below to save you some time clicking around.


Ice Burrower Silk Swatch (Trivial 15)

Place both Ice Burrower Silk inside of a Loom or a Tailoring Kit and hit combine.

2 Ice Burrower Silk



For a list of all Tailoring Recipes that you can make with Ice Burrower Silk/Ice Burrower Silk Swatch follow the link provided. Many of this gear is required for reaching 350 in Tailoring and it's part of my 350 Tailoring Guide.