How to create Cod Oil

Cobalt Cod is used in the Brewing profession to create Cod Oil, an item that is used in creating Arctic Wyvern Gear. In order for players to obtain this fish they'll need to find a Druid or Wizard that's willing to port them to Cobalt Scar. Once here you'll want to fish anywhere in the zone to catch the fish we're after.

In my experience and based on what I have read online you have about a 10 - 25% chance to catch this fish each time you cast your line (assuming you have 200+ Fishing). Each Arctic Wyvern recipe only takes a single Cod Oil to craft which luckily means we won't need to spend too much time Fishing here.


Cod Oil (Trivial 68)

Once you've gathered together all of the ingredients combine them in a Brewing Barrel.

1 Cobalt Cod

1 Water Flask