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Hynid-Hair Thread - GoD Tailoring Recipe

 Hynid-Hair Thread was added into the game during the Gates of Discord expansion pack and is part of the Crumbled Sanctuary Quest which is in Kod'Taz and part of the GoD Progression. In order to make the Hynid-Hair Thread you'll first need to make the Muramite Needle which is used in both this recipe as well as the Crumbled Sanctuary Quest as well.

 Additionally, the Hynid-Hair Thread recipe as well as the Muramite Needle recipe both count towards reaching 350 Tailoring. The Sewn Flesh Parchment does not count so if you're only on this page because you're raising Tailoring to 350 - you don't have to worry about that one.


Hynid-Hair StrandHynid-Hair Thread (Trivial 268)

 Once you have all of the required materials, combine them together in a Sewing Kit or Loom.

Hynid-Hair Strand4 Hynid-Hair Strand (Farm from Hynids in Kod'Taz)

1 Muramite Needle


KodTaz Hynid and Muramite Farming Location











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