How to create a Vial of Clear Mana

In order to obtain a Vial of Clear Mana you'll need some Emeralds, Poison Vials and an Enchanter with the spell Clarify Mana or Mass Clarify Mana. Emeralds are sold by a variety of different Jeweler Merchants, there's usually one of these in every race's home town as well as PoK.

Poison Vials are the more difficult of the two items to obtain, they're either created through a Pottery combine or purchased from a vendor. If Plane of Knowledge is live on your server you'll find the Poison Vials sold from vendors in this zone. Prior to PoP you'll likely have to do some traveling to find a vendor that sells Poison Vials. List of Poison Vial Vendors

Spell: Clarify Mana

Emerald1 Emerald + Poison Vial1 Poison Vial = 1 Vial of Clear Mana

Spell: Mass Clarify Mana

Emerald5 Emerald + Poison Vial5 Poison Vial = 5 Vials of Clear Mana

As aforementioned you can also make Poison Vials through a Pottery combine. This method is extremely inefficient and time consuming, however, each of the different combines to create a Potion Vial count towards 350 Pottery. Due to this I have compiled a complete list of all the combines which you can find here: Pottery Poison Vial Combines.