How to create Gem Studded Chain

Gem Studded Chains have a high Jewelcrafting trivial (250) and are used as an ingredient in creating the Ceremonial Solstice Robe which is part of the Protection of Cabbage luclin quest. This item is a fantastic way to level Jewelcrafting early on if you plan to stay on your server until the Luclin era... Because once Luclin hits you can make back a lot of the plat you spent selling the Ceremonial Solstice Robes in The Bazaar.




Gem Studded Chain (Trivial 250)

Once you have all of the required items combine them together in a Jeweler's Kit or Collapsible Jeweler's Kit.

1 Emerald

1 Ruby

1 Sapphire

1 Worked Silver Chain



Worked Silver Chain (Trivial 111)

Once you have all of the required ingredients, combine them together in a Forge.

1 Enchanted Silver Bar

1 Metal Bits

1 Water Flask