How to make Cream

Cream is an ingredient that is used in many different Baking recipes throughout the game. It's fairly easy to make, it requires a bottle of milk which is purchased from almost any Baking Supplies Vendor as well as a Benzoin. This item is purchased from different Alchemy Supply Vendors in the game, more info on that below.

Finally the last item needed to make cream is a Dairy Spoon. You'll need to create this item through the Smithing Tradeskill. All items used in the combine are vendor purchased and the Trivial for the Dairy Spoon is 74 so if you don't already have the Smithing you need to create it, now will be the perfect chance to skill that up too!


Cream (x8) (Trivial 83)

For more information about each of the items listed below I recommend that you follow the links to learn more.

1 Benzoin

2 Bottle of Milk

1 Dairy Spoon