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Mammoth Meat Farming Locations

Mammoth Meat is used in a couple of different Baking Recipes and is one of the primary ingredients of Halas 10lb Meat Pie. There aren't many different locations for you to farm this meat, the first one is located right on Antonica and part of Classic EQ.

The location I am speaking of is Everfrost Peaks, the Barbarian noobie zone. In the eastern portion of Everfrost Peaks you'll find Mammoth Calves as well as full grown Mammoths - both of which drop Mammoth Meat. In addition to Everfrost Peaks you can also find Mammoths in Eastern Wastes, a Velious zone.


Everfrost Peaks - Mammoth Farming Location

Everfrost Peaks is in my opinion the lesser of the two locations to farm for Mammoth Meat. The reason for this is the mammoths in this zone are far too spread out and it's a total pain in the butt running around aimlessly for hours looking for mammoths to slay.


Eastern Wastes - Mammoth Farming Location

In the southeastern portion of Eastern Wastes, just a tad north of the zone line to the RoF Eastern Wastes is where you'll find a bunch of Mammoths. They can be found throughout a lot of the zone but they are most clustered together in the south eastern portion where my map has the blue circles.

If Velious is released on your server I strongly recommend that you hunt in this location versus Everfrost Peak. You'll walk away with roughly double the Mammoth Meat since the enemies here are so much closer together and seem to even have a higher drop rate.