Violet Conch of the Tempest


Violet Conch of the Tempest is one of the zone wide rares in The Darkened Sea (TDS) expansion pack. Throughout this expansion pack, each zone has a unique rare item that has a very low chance of dropping off the named enemies, Violet Conch of the Tempest is Tempest Temple's item.

This item when used will buff the player with Spinecoat, a Ranger buff. It will increase your AC and give you a weak Damage Shield. It's a decent clicky for Warriors since they don't get any self buffs that would have stacking issues - or Monks, Rogues or any other melee class that won't have any issues stacking this buff with their other abilities.


Effect: Spinecoat (Increases AC by 78 and Damage Shield by 13) does not stack with Paladin, Ranger of SK self buffs




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