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Everquest Endgame Guides

           Well as many people may know from using my website there is a huge gap in where my level guides leave off and "the rest of Everquest" you could call it. I have wanted to make guides that cover the endgame of Everquest a lot over the last few years but lacked the drive and even the knowledge to fill in all of the pieces of this giant and amazing game. Well that has changed more recently. Over the last year or so I guess you could say I have really indulged in this game and I have learned quite a bit. I feel that it's time to give back some of that knowledge to help others enjoy the game as much as I do.

           On this page you'll find almost every type of guide you could hope for as a veteran EQ player or a noobie transitioning into being a veteran. I have updated my camp guides to cover almost ALL camps from RoF - current and hopefully as time goes on I will continue to update them. These will be replacing any future leveling guides I write as I feel giving the player many different options in the form of camps is much better than a linear route. Also I will be able to update my farming guides similarly to the leveling ones.

           In addition, my favorite guide on this page is the "I just hit max level - now what?!?!". The reason this guide is my favorite is because it's basically a giant compendium of my knowledge of all the min/maxing you can do in EQ at max. I will be updating the guide as time goes on since it doesn't have all the information it should right now and may never will. There is so much to do in this game it's completely bonkers!! Regardless, that page will always contain all the methods I know! Take a look at it if you're looking for the teeniest ways to improve your characters!

I just hit max level - now what do I do?!?! - A Guide on Min/maxing your character

Everquest Endgame Camps (Places to level + Make money)

Everquest FTP Tank Aug Guide

Everquest Aug Guide - currently nothing here, use my FTP tank Aug guide for now

Everquest FTP Aug List

RoF 95 Gear you may not know about (Fear Touched) - Free to play

CoTF Level 100 FTP Gear (Latent Etheric)

TDS Level 100 FTP Gear (Castaway)

           Those are all the primary guides I got for my EQ Endgame section. I am going to move some guides down below this paragraph at some point though as I write more guides to make organization easier. If you have any guide recommendations you'd like to submit to me please feel free to send me an ingame mail Firiona.Almar. I won't answer everyone but I will definitely take any good guide ideas into consideration. Who knows, you could give me the next best idea! ;)

           Also I would like to draw some attention to my donation page. My guides are a labor of love and as you can tell with me getting back into them I plan to do some good work in the future. You can give thanks in any amount you want. My website isn't really that viable for an income source for me so I can only work on it when I have time but the more donations I get the more I am willing to push aside other things in life to write some guides. As always, if you make it worth someones time they do it! I had a lot of free time though so I figured I would lay the groundwork for future guides and that is what you see on this page.

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