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The Deep Darkened Sea - TDS Collectibles Achievement

The Deep Darkened Sea

For this achievement you'll need to complete the collectible achievements for four different zones. Far, Wide and Deep (Combine Dredge), Dwarven Depths (Castle Degmar), The Lost of This Land (Thulisaur Island) and Arx Anthology (Arx Mentis). There are 4 collection sets per zone which will make a total of 16 collection sets that you need to complete.

This is one of two achievements that is required for the Master Scavenger of The Darkened Sea achievement which rewards the player with Hoarder's Belt Pouch (38 slot 100% Weight Reduction Bag) and the Trophy Collector AA. The Trophy collector AA is a must have for those looking to min/max their characters.


Required Achievements:

Far, Wide and Deep (Combine Dredge)
Dwarven Depths (Castle Degmar)
The Lost of This Land (Thulisaur Island)
Arx Anthology (Arx Mentis)