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Cavern Collectibles - TDS Collectibles Achievement


For this achievement you need to collect four sets of collectibles from The Caverns of Endless Song. Two sets of collectibles appear throughout the zone as ground spawns, the other two sets are dropped from enemies. One set drops from enemies in the non-instanced version of the zone and the other set drops from enemies in Heroic Adventures.

Depending on how much you like The Caverns of Endless Time determines how difficult this achievement will be. You're going to be spending a lot of time swimming through underwater passages and hunting overpowered enemies in this zone.. If this isn't for you then you could always buy what you need from The Bazaar or advertise in general that you're buying these collectibles.



Dearly Beloved


These are ground spawns which can spawn around any undead or pirates in the zone.

- Wilted Emerald Petal
- Variegated Carnation Pin
- Crumpled Invitation
- Damaged Unstrung Lute
- Painted Harpy Statuette
- Sandy Coral Garter Belt
- Groom's Blood Promise Band
- Aquamarine Wedding Band


Remnants of the Enraptured

This set of collectibles drops from humanoid enemies throughout the zone. Undead, Pirates and Sirens all have dropped these before for me.

- Carved Siren Figurine
- Combine Officer's Silver Buckle
- Preserved Snow Rose
- Ancient Cartographer's Charts
- Aged Combine Sailor's Wine Bottle
- Skeletal Sailor's Left Hand
- Damaged Engagement Band
- Sultry Perfume


Subaqueous Seashells

You'll find this set of collectibles as ground spawns in the underwater locations throughout the zone.

- Simple Nautilus Shell
- Crimson Nautilus Shell
- Spotted Conch
- Golden Clypeasteroida
- Striped Blush Cockleshell
- Striped Bronze Cockleshell
- Striped Silver Cockleshell
- Cherrystone Shell


The Endless Song

These collectibles spawn in the Heroic Adventure given by Mough Kyslaz called Seductive Subterfuge.

- The Endless Song Page I
- The Endless Song Page II
- The Endless Song Page III
- The Endless Song Page IV
- The Endless Song Page V
- Left Half of The Endless Song Page VI
- Right Half of The Endless Song Page VI
- Last Page of The Endless Song