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Reborn of Faith - TBM Collectibles Achievement

Reborn of Faith

For this achievement you need to collect all four sets of collectibles from Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. There's two collection sets that appear as ground spawns in the non-instanced version of this zone and one that drops off enemies throughout the majority of the zone. The last set of collectibles drops in the Heroic Adventures that involve this zone.

Deadman's Dinner is a very common set of collectibles since it drops off virtually every mob in the zone. Unliving Relics and Texts of Eternity on the other hand aren't so easy. The majority of enemies throughout this zone see invis.... But luckily they all have wickedly small agro radiuses. You can actually literally run through the enemy sometimes and they won't agro you - it's fantastic. Thanks to this, if you're clever and quick you'll be able to sneak around the majority of the zone even if you're not a Rogue.

As for Deadman's Band, they're rare drops off mobs inside the Heroic Adventures, I'd recommend farming a bunch of We Make Our Own Rewards in order to complete this set.


Unliving Relics (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)

You'll find these collectibles on the upper-most floors of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. Any underground places or area within the pit will yield a different set of collectibles. Like I mentioned at the top of the page, many enemies throughout this zone see through invisibility but luckily they have an extremely small agro radius.

- Lost Femur
- Missing Molar
- Fallen Fingerbone
- Citizen's Ribs
- Misplaced Jawbone
- Mislaid Ulna
- Rib of the Faithful
- Found Fragments


Texts of Eternity (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)

Texts of Eternity LocationsTexts of Eternity Locations
Texts of Eternity Lower Floors
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This set of collectibles is the one you will find below ground throughout Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. In the hallway with all of the jail cells, I recommend switching back and forth between Sul Vius: Life and Decay as it'll allow you to collect all of the collectibles that pile up in this area rather easily. Additionally, in the Sul Vius: Decay version of the zone the venerated sentinels in the area are not hostile towards you.

So if you see a collectible inside of a jail cell you can't reach in life - switch to decay and position yourself ontop of it then switch back using your mirror. Last tip I can give is the area called the "testaments" where Guardian Jenat spawns, in the Life version of the zone there is an NPC called a "stern guard" which is blocking entry the southeastern most room.

This NPC is not here in the Decay version of the zone. So, a way we can avoid him entirely is by running to this room while in Decay, switching back over to Life and collecting and items you find. Another tip/note is that the door in Demiplane: Decay is blocked off from the pit into The Curator's area (also Guardian Jenat's area). So you'll need to switch into Life, go through the door and into a safe hallway, switch back into Decay and then bypass the "stern guard". If you are confused now it'll all make sense once you're there and trying to figure it out on your own.

- Passage of the Past
- Pages of the Present
- Handmaiden's Opus
- Letters from Forever
- Temporal Tome
- The Endless
- Forever's Tale
- Mother's Memories


Deadman's Band (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)

Deadmans Band Farming Locations

These drop from the enemies in the Heroic Adventures that take place in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. You can also find them as ground spawns throughout the instances as well. One of the best HAs to farm this set of collectibles is We Make Our Own Rewards given by Tarl Punox.

- Ghostly Guitar
- Horn of Bone
- Deadman's Drums
- Rattle of Bones
- Boneflute
- Coffin Bell
- Mummy Maracas
- Lingering Lute


Deadman's Dinner (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)

Deadmans Dinner Sul Vius Demiplane of Life

Basically every enemy in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life has a chance of dropping items from this set of collectibles. If you're unfamiliar with the zone and need some ideas on good camps, I would recommend Glorious Cistina (Hstr aug); Guardian Jenat (1h Aug); Vizier Albert (Hstam Aug). All of the augs that drop in this zone are non-prestige and as of TBL they're the best non-prestige augs in the game.

- Deadbread
- Witch's Sandwich
- Coffin Cookie
- Ghostly Pepper
- Ghoul Flesh
- Dread Stew
- Body Brew
- Remnant's Reserve