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Separate Ways - CoTF Collectibles Achievement


For this achievement you need to complete the Burning Bibelots achievement which requires you to collect 4 different sets of collections from Argin-Hiz a tier 2 CoTF zone. Much like the Tower of Rot achievements, this is another extremely annoying one to complete.

There are two sets of collectibles which appear as ground spawns throughout the zone. The majority of ground spawns appear inside buildings - which there are an excessive amount of buildings in this zone to check. To make matters worse, when you go too far north in the zone you'll start encountering enemies that see through invisibility. The third and easiest collection set in this zone drops from non-humanoid enemies throughout the whole zone. Final collection set comes from a Heroic Adventure.

If you're looking for collectibles for farm for selling in The Bazaar, this set will make you some of the best cash since they're such a pain in the butt to acquire. On the other hand if you're trying to complete all of the collection achievements for either Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger <Add Link> or for the TBL evolving item, Threadbare Weighted Tabard<Add Link> you're going to struggle a lot with finishing these sets.


Required Achievements:

Burning Bibelots (Argin-Hiz)


Argin-Hiz Treasures


- Medallion of Solusek Ro
- Keeper of the Flame Medal
- Elddar Crest
- Ro's Flame Ring
- Ember Hunting Knife
- Sol`Dal Robes
- Argin-Hiz Miniature
- Curious Replica

Elddar Texts


- Treatise on Ro's Flame
- The History of Argin-Hiz
- Keeper's Missive
- Ember Miner's Log
- Elddar Poetry
- Argin-Hiz Map
- Hunter's Bestiary
- Sol`Dal Noble Families

Remnants of Flame

This set of collectibles drops from many of the non humanoid enemies throughout Argin-Hiz. The two best places I have found to farm this collectible set includes at the entrance and in the far northern camp where you'll find Master Sage Lowenn.

- Magma Golem Goo
- Cinder Flakes
- Charred Bones
- Blackened Skull
- Lava Carapace
- Burnt Wolf Pelt
- Red Rabbit Pelt
- Brilliant Snake Skin

Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)

As for the final set of collectibles, as you may have come to expect this set only drops from the Argin-Hiz Heroic Adventure called A Posthumous Proposition. They drop from both the enemies during this HA as well as spawn throughout the mine as ground spawns.

- Shiny Lava Stone
- Melted Gold
- Argin-Hiz Stone
- Lustrous GemStone
- Sol`Dal Lily
- Ember Flower
- Autumn Leaves
- Rose of Flames