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The Cannibal Hunters Start

The Cannibal Hunters Walkthrough (Part 1) Fleeing to Flotsam Village
The Cannibal Hunters Walkthrough (Part 2) Recruiting & Money Making Around Flotsam Village
The Cannibal Hunters Walkthrough (Part 3) Holy Nation Territory & Raising Toughness
The Cannibal Hunters Walkthrough (Part 4) Wild Bull Money Making & Researching

The Cannibal Hunters game mode begins with you in the northwestern portion of the world map in the Cannibal Plains zone. You'll be spawned into the game in the middle of a Cannibal Village with about 20 - 40 Cannibals attacking you, as shown above. Immediately pause the game and open both character's inventories. Check how much each character weighs and if they're currently suffering from a penalty to their Run Speed.

Also, open the map and check your current location. If you're on the western side of Deadcat then you're going to have a longer run out of Cannibal Territory. Those of you who spawned in the east are lucky and have a greater chance of surviving on both characters. Our destination is going to be a small Storm House owned by the Flotsam Ninjas in the eastern portion of Cannibal Plains. There are 2 of these and when you get even remotely close to the area they are marked on your map so they'll be easy to find.

When they're first placed on your map they will be named Building and they're marked with a small X on your map. Once you're closer they'll change in name to 'Scout Post'. What these buildings are is essentially a group of Flotsam Ninjas who will save you from the Cannibals pursuing you.

Back to the immediate threat, the Cannibals surrounding you... If you're over weight on either character drop a weapon or armor onto the ground. You need run speed right now, your weapon is not going to help you at all. Armor is worth keeping but typically that's way heavier than your weapon. If the game didn't start one of your characters with Wooden Sandals then they're probably dead.

To escape the Cannibals you have a few options. As you can see me do in my The Cannibal Hunters Walkthrough (Part 1) Fleeing to Flotsam Village Youtube Video while running from the Cannibals I hold down the 'Issue Command' button (right click by default) and spam the 'Stop selected characters actions' button which is bound to R by default. This causes enemies that are pursuing you to 'stutter' when they get close enough to attack you.

Many will consider this a cheap method of escape and it kind of is but it is the most effective. Our other methods include leading the Cannibals chasing you into a Berserker, Shrieking Bandit or Beak Thing patrol. If you're slick enough you can crash the train of enemies behind you into the patrol of enemies then escape as they all fight. Even if they don't all fight you'll still be able to decrease the size of the horde chasing you which will make survival later easier.

If you do manage to get captured by the Cannibals keep in mind it isn't the end of the world. Cannibal Villages are often attacked by Berserkers, Shrieking Bandits and other enemies which will provide you a great distraction for escape. Alternatively you can release other prisoners to fight the Cannibals and distract them for you and/or wait until night and try to sneak out of the village. It is all random but eventually the Cannibals will attack you in a cage until they kill you then turn you into food. You have until then to escape and get a safe distance away.

Once you have made it out of the Cannibal Plains your first destination should be Flotsam Village in the middle of The Hidden Forest. You can do the Fishing Village in Northern Coast too but it's going to be a bit harder since large Cannibal patrols still go through that area. Flotsam Village is extremely safe, Bonedogs and Scrawny Cannibals will be your main threats in this zone. Thankfully there are also some Copper and Iron Deposits next to Flotsam Village which is where I recommend you spend the next few days getting money for Food and additional Companions.

The Cannibal Hunters Flotsam Village
Copper and Iron Deposits near Flotsam Village.

You can find Iron Deposits in multiple places surrounding the town, the best one in my opinion is the one on the nearby hill shown in my screenshot above. There is another inside the town's walls too in the back of the town near the Hemp Farms. As for the Copper Deposits, they're both behind Flotsam Village pretty much right next to the Defensive Wall built around the whole town.

Both of the Copper Deposits are 20% Quality which means the time spent mining is going to be a lot more than the nearby Iron which is 100% Quality. I personally think the Iron is probably better to mine, it's worth half as much but you can mine it over twice as fast. Aside from these mines you'll also want to keep an eye out for enemies getting defeated nearby. River Raptors, Bonedogs, Cannibals and Goats all roam through the area and are worth looting if you get the chance.

A tip that I can give you is to pan your camera around the area every once in awhile looking for a large red patch on the ground. This typically lets you know a fight happened here recently and there will typically be some bodies to scavenge. Our goals in Flotsam Village are going to be recruit every unique companion and also get some food, medkits and basic weapons/armor for our characters. Focus on recruiting new companions first since more people = more Copper/Iron.

Flotsam Village Unique Recruits: Digna, Knife, Pia, Reva

Throughout The Hidden Forest you have a chance of running into Nomad Animal Traders too who make camp in the middle of the area. If you do happen to stumble across one of these NPCs I would strongly recommend buying a Pack Animal too. They're going to be very useful from this point forward.

Once you have recruited everyone you want and purchased everything you need from Flotsam Village it will be time to continue our journey either to the south or the east. To the east you'll find World's End and then eventually the United Cities noob zone (The Great Desert). If you continue south you'll run into Holy Nation Territory (Okran's Pride, Okran's Gulf) and further south of that is The Border Zone which houses Squin and The Hub.

It's up to you where you want to go next, my personal choice is typically Squin and The Border Zone since I am most familiar with this area and it's arguably the best noob zone in the entire game. Those of you who want to switch it up a bit may choose someplace else though. For the purposes of this guide I am going to be continuing south into Holy Nation Territory where I will spend a bit of time before probably continuing further south to The Border Zone.

Below you'll find a few map locations of Floatsam Village as well as the surrounding area so you can get an idea for what is around us.


Flotsam Village Surrounding Map Locations
Flotsam Village surrounding areas


Flotsam Village to Blister Hill Map Location
South of Flotsam Village (leading into Holy Nation Territory)

As usual the choice is yours on where you want to go next. I have walkthroughs for Holy Nation Territory as well as United Cities Territory so you'll have plenty of information regardless of which route you take. Those of you who want to go directly to The Border Zone can jump into my Kenshi Walkthrough (Part 1) as that's exactly where the main walkthrough begins.


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