Money Making With Electrical Components - Kenshi

Electrical Components Crafting

One of the easiest ways to make money in Kenshi through crafting is by making Electrical Components. In order to make Electrical Components you'll first need to research Electrical Crafting at a Research Bench. Check out my Kenshi Researching Guide if you need help understanding the research system in this game. Then make an Electrical Workbench which is the crafting station we need to make Electrical Components. All we need to craft Electrical Components is Copper Ore which can be mined from Copper Deposits and a character to spend their time crafting.

Each Electrical Component that you make will only cost you a single Copper Ore and you'll be able to sell the Electrical Component for about 30 - 40 Cats more than the ore. While the profit isn't massive one thing to keep in mind is that Copper Ore is 4kg per and Electrical Components are 1kg per. If you're just starting out in Kenshi you can have one character mining Copper around the clock and another working on turning the copper into Electrical Components for a decent chunk of change.

Electrical Components Sell Price

Copper Ore Sell Price Swamp

As the game progresses and you get your own base you can still make a decent chunk of change with Electrical Components. What I recommend you do is build about 20 Storage: Electricals in your base surrounding your Electrical Workbench -- kinda like you see in my picture at the top of the page. You will be using Electrical Components in so many different crafting recipes throughout the game that it doesn't hurt to produce a ton extra.

Many different Robotics Bench recipes will require Electrical Components as will most of the advanced technologies that you can produce for your base. What I like to do is every once in awhile when I notice my Electrical Workbench guy stops working is to clear out all of the storage containers that hold Electrical Components and put everything into a General Storage Chest. This will make him start working again and fill up every single storage container. Eventually when I am doing one of my town runs I will load up a pack mule with everything and sell it all in town.


How to make Cats with Electrical Components Youtube Video