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What is there to do at the Endgame? - Kenshi

I decided to create this page since when I originally got Kenshi I always got bored very quickly because I could never figure out what there was to do in the game. I knew I was leveling up my characters and getting them better gear to take out harder enemies but... where were those enemies and was there any purpose to killing them aside from, "OK cool, I beat him"?

That's more or less what this guide is for. I created this guide to give people a wide variety of different goals they can aim for in Kenshi so that you finally have something tangible to work towards. For the most part the goals are not in any specific order on this page and you can pick and choose whichever ones interest you the most.


Basic End Game Goals:

1. Visit Mongrel and recruit Beep
2. Visit Black Desert City and the Scraphouse
3. Visit Black Scratch and hit up The Great Library for recipes
4. Visit the Cannibal Capital
5. Visit Brink, home of the Anti-Slavers
6. Visit Fishman Island and Fish Isle also kill King Gurgler at Island Lab
7. Visit Flats Lagoon
8. Obtain Crab Armour Recipes
9. Obtain Fog Mask Blueprint
10. Obtain Skeleton-Human Transformation Bible aka Peeler Machine Recipe and Human Skin Suit Recipe
11. Defeat the Queen and King of the Southern Hive
12. Defeat Bugmaster in Arach
13. Defeat Mad Cat-Lon in Ashlands


#1 Collect as many Unique Party Members as you can

#2 Collect all Meitou Weapons (essentially ultimate weapons)

#3 Attack major cities of the Holy Nation. United Cities or whomever you dislike

#4 Destroy the Southern, Western or Eastern Hives

#5 Explore the southeastern portion of the map (Cat-Lon is down here; one of the game's most powerful NPCs)

#6 Successfully hunt a Leviathan in Leviathan Coast

#7 Build a base in Leviathan Coast

#8 End Slavery in the world of Kenshi (Destroy Holy Nation and United Cities)

#9 Defeat Lord Phoenix, the Holy Nation leader

#10 Defeat Emperor Tengu, the United Cities leader

#11 Defeat Cat-Lon in Ashlands

#13 Defeat Bugmaster in Arach

#14 Defeat Tinfist in Spring

#15 Complete the 'Crab Tournament' which is held by the Crab Raiders