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Halo 3 (Mission 10) Halo Walkthrough

Flood In Snowy Field

Video Walkthrough: Halo 3 (Mission 10) Halo Walkthrough
Skull Location: Mythic Skull Location
Terminal Location: Terminal Location

The final mission begins with Master Chief and The Arbiter crash landing their Pelican in a snowy mountain area. If you are interested in getting two Achievements you can find the Mythic Skull and a Terminal nearby this location. Check out my Mythic Skull Location Youtube Video and also my Halo Mission Terminal Location Youtube Video for information about where you can find these two things.

With that out of the way, this entire mission is going to be pretty heavily scripted and it revolves mostly around combat. You'll begin with having to clear out an entire valley of Flood. I strongly recommend you take the time to kill them all and slowly work your way through these next few areas. Trying to run through them will prevent Checkpoints from happening and... you'll very likely die from being overwhelmed. Speaking from experience, I have tried to run through them so many times that I just don't try anymore.

Once you clear out the valley you'll work your way up a 3 story building that looks similar to buildings from the original Halo. Johnson will assist you on one side of the building as you climb up but it'll be mostly you and The Arbiter taking out all of the Flood. At the top of the building you'll have to defend the front door until all of the Flood are dead - once all Flood are dead it will open and you can proceed inside.

Monitor Boss Fight
Hit the Monitor with the Spartan Laser to defeat it

There will be a bit of dialogue and a long cutscene inside the building, when it's over you'll be under attack by the Monitor. This is a heavily scripted boss fight, all you do is avoid his attacks at first until Johnson shoots him once with the Spartan Laser. Grab the Spartan Laser from Johnson and use that on 343 until he is defeated. That's all there is to this boss fight.

More cutscenes and dialogue after which you'll regain control of Master Chief. You'll have to leave this building the same way you came in, when you're back outside hug right and follow the new route up into the mountains. Follow the snowy platform around the battle arena to a canyon where there will be a door.

Deal with the various Flood that attack you in the hallway and you will come out to a Warthog left by Johnson... R.I.P. Jump in and you'll begin the Warthog escape of Halo 3!

Halo 3 Warthog Chase

There isn't much I can say about the Warthog escape, it's a heavily scripted event and the HUD will mark your way throughout the entire course. Avoid the Flood that go boom and don't shoot at the Sentinels and make them attack you unless absolutely necessary. The Sentinels during this part of the mission will mess you up because they come in groups of like 10, it's a bit crazy.

At the very end of this Warthog course you will find the final talking Grunt which is part of the Cool Story Bro Achievement. If you'd like information about exactly where he is check out my Cool Story Bro Achievement Guide, he's pretty easy to get to once you know where he is.

Once you complete the giant jump and get close to the aircraft you will finish the mission and the game. Congrats on beating one of the best Halo games ever made!


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