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Level 29 Twink Items to Buy and Resell

This page contains a list of every twink item that you can buy before Battlegrounds and resell to twinks once Battlegrounds are released and twinking becomes popular. I've separated the items on this page into two categories, Blue and Green items. Keep in mind that the majority of Green items won't be worth reselling, it will depend entirely on the roll that you get on the item.



(Blue Items)

(Level 17) Mindthrust Bracers

(Level 22) Yorgen Bracers

(Level 22) Staff of the Shade

(Level 23) Algae Fists

(Level 24) Sparkleshell Mantle

(Level 24) Thunderbrow Ring

(Level 24) Plains Ring

(Level 25) Mantle of Thieves

(Level 26) Avenger's Armor

(Level 26) Forest Tracker Epaulets

(Level 26) Looming Gavel

(Level 27) Hotshot Pilot's Gloves

(Level 27) Frostreaver Crown

(Level 27) River Pride Choker

(Level 27) Caverndeep Trudgers

(Level 27) Claw of the Shadowmancer

(Level 28) Dreamslayer

(Level 28) River Pride Choker

(Level 28) Burning War Axe

(Level 29) Beguiler Robes

(Level 29) Zealot Blade

(Level 29) Starfaller

(Level 29) Tigerstrike Mantle



(Green Items)

(215 Engineering) Spellpower Goggles Xtreme

(Level 19) Demon Band

(Level 25) Honed Stiletto <of...>

(Level 25) Brutal War Axe <of...>

(Level 26) Crystal Starfire Medallion <of...>

(Level 27) Basalt Necklace <of...>

(Level 27) Vital Bracers <of...>

(Level 27) Broad Bladed Knife

(Level 28) Cutthroat's Mitts <of...>

(Level 28) Tundra Ring <of...>

(Level 29) Infiltrator Pants <of...>

(Level 29) Archer's Cloak <of...>

(Level 29) Thick Scale Shoulderpads <of...>

(Level 29) Geomancer's Cloak <of...>

(Level 29) Knight's Cloak <of...>

(Level 29) Elder's Pants <of...>

(Level 29) Durable Rod <of...>

(Level 29) Durable Tunic <of...>

(Level 29) Thistlefur Mantle <of...>

(Level 29) Pathfinder Hat <of...>

(Level 29) Cutthroat's Mantle <of...>

(Level 29) Ghostwalker Belt <of...>

(Level 29) Barbaric Leggings

(Level 29) Cutthroat's Vest <of...>

(Level 29) Knight's Cloak <of...>

(Level 29) Basalt Ring <of...>







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