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Level 19 Twink Items to Buy and Resell

This page contains a list of every twink item that you can buy before Battlegrounds and resell to twinks once Battlegrounds are released and twinking becomes popular. I've separated the items on this page into two categories, Blue and Green items. Keep in mind that the majority of Green items won't be worth reselling, it will depend entirely on the roll that you get on the item.


(Blue Twink Items)

(Level 15) Night Watch Shortsword

(Level 15) Magefist Gloves

(Level 16) Face Smasher

(Level 17) Mindthrust Bracers

(Level 17) Darkweave Breeches

(Level 17) Witching Stave

(Level 18) Deviate Scale Belt

(Level 18) Keller's Girdle

(Level 18) Evocator's Blade

(Level 18) Staff of the Blessed Seer

(Level 18) Thorbia's Gauntlets

(Level 18) Night Reaver

(Level 19) Redbeard Crest

(Level 19) Shadowfang

(Level 19) Assassin's Blade

(Level 19) Twisted Chanter's Staff

(Level 19) Sentry Cloak

(Level 19) Tree Bark Jacket


(Green Twink Items)

(Level 18) Wrangler's Wristbands <of...>

(Level 19) Scouting Trousers <of...>

(Level 19) Blood Ring

(Level 17) Meadow Ring

(Level 19) Scouting Gloves <of...>

(Level 18) Defender Gauntlets <of...>

(Level 19) Fortified Belt <of...>

(Level 19) Grunt's Legguards <of...>

(Level 18) Forester's Axe <of...>

(Level 19) Fortified Belt <of...>

(Level 19) Grunt's Legguards <of...>










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