How to Play A Cleric (RoF - Current)

 This guide is going to go into detail about how I play my Cleric class as a boxer. If you're playing a Cleric regularly then there are better ways to play than what I talk about in this guide - although this guide would definitely still provide you with some useful information.

 If you're wondering how I play my entire box team as a whole I got into much more detail about that in my Everquest Boxing Guides. The guide on this page is just a small portion of a much larger guide which you can find out more about by following the link to my boxing guides.

 Before we get started let's take a look at the spell line up that I use on all of my Clerics.

 Give or take a few spells, the lineup you see before you is the one that I use on every Cleric I play. There are a few spells that I mem when I am doing buffs but this is the main spellset that I go into combat with. Now, here is a look at the primary two hotbars which I use on my Clerics and all other classes that I play.

Top Bar: (Slot 3) Promised Remedy; (Num Pad .) Merciful Remedy, Spiritual Remedy & Ward of Assurance
Bottom Bar: Burst of Life (AA)

 In addition to these abilities on my bars I also have a lot of different macros for my Cleric. You can see what's inside of each macro in the pictures below. Both pressing Num Pad 4 (Heal macro) as well as pressing Num Pad . (the spell gems) will heal my group. 4 is my universal healing button and Num Pad . is the button that I use to DPS on all of my characters.

 The reason I have heals bound to both is because I feel as if it increases the amount of heals that are cast on my tank. Technically this may also be stupid to do because I may keep casting single target heals when I need to group heal - OR - if I ever encounter a situation again like the Plane of War named that doesn't let you heal - I would have to tweak my interface.

 As I said before, I am almost always experimenting when I play to see if there is a better method than the one I use. Double binding my heals are one of those many experimentations. It's up to you if you want to copy me exactly or just make a Heal macro and call it a day. The choice is yours.


Group Heal Macro:


Heal Macro:




3/27/19 - I am currently working on my class guides, please give me a week or so and there should be material here. If there isn't then please leave a comment below yelling at me and I should finish it.


Healing Frenzy (/alt act 8500):

Flurry of Life (/alt act 6488):