The Over Under - RoS Collectibles Achievement

 For the Halls of Honor Hunter, all of the enemies that you need to defeat are found in the northern half of the zone. In the northern most portion of the zone you'll find Konid Merdid, you'll have to run by Captain Danon Serhn and Captain Kage Shou in order to get to Konid. These are all the easiest nameds in the zone in my opinion.

After you take out these guys, your next stop is the two large buildings jutting off the central path just north of where you zone in. In this one location you'll find A Wrulon Protector, A Wrulon Sentry and A Protector of Valor. I had an extremely hard time finding the Wrulon Sentry as it wasn't marked on my map nor was it spawning in the area for me.

Hopefully this guide will aide some of you in a similar position as me.



Required Nameds for HoH Hunter:

Captain Danon Shern
Captain Kage Shou
Konid Merdrid
A Protector of Valor
A Wrulon Protector
A Wrulon Sentry