List of Gear with -Recharge aka Cool Down Reduction in Titan Quest

Talisman of the Jade EmperorHesiones Golden Veil

In Titan Quest there is a very popular stat called -Recharge or Cooldown Reduction gear. This references gear with -Recharge % on it, such as the item in the screenshot above. You can get up to -80% Recharge on a character which will drastically reduce the cooldowns on all of their spells and abilities.

Some builds in Titan Quest require a lot of -Recharge and when doing guides for builds I couldn't find a comprehensive list of all the -Recharge gear in the game. That was my motivation for putting together this imperfect list. I made this list based on all of the items I had accumulated after a couple weeks of playing. I'm sure I am probably missing a couple items but this was enough of a list to help me better choose my gear when making future characters.



(Intellect) Items With -Recharge:

- Clasp of the Pythia
- Vestment of the Pythia
- Oracle's Wreath (-10% Recharge)
- Archmage's Clasp (-40 to -45% Recharge)
- Cestus (-15% Recharge)
- Vest of Aericura (-15% Recharge)
- Occultist's Raiment (-10% Recharge)
- Gutuater Cap (-20% Recharge)
- Hesione's Golden Veil (-15% Recharge)
- Hadopelagian Plume (-16% Recharge)
- Faxi Staff (-25% Recharge)
- Adept's Clasp (-20% Recharge) - requires moderate dex too
- Dreamweaver's Coil (-15% Recharge) - requires moderate dex too
- Blue Actinia (-12% Recharge) - requires low dex too
- Ba'als Hand (-15% Recharge) - requires low dex too


(Strength) Items With -Recharge:

- Lykaion Malleus (-15% Recharge)
- Golden Shield of Pelaron (-20% Recharge)
- Odysseus' Armor (-15% Recharge)
- Ceremonial Buckler (-12% Recharge)
- Rings of the Rhine (-15% Recharge)
- The Owl (-15% Recharge) this requires high dex too


(Dexterity) Items With -Recharge:

- Hunter's Helm (-25% Recharge)
- Golden Kris (-20% Recharge) - this needs high intellect too
- Wings of Isis (-20% Recharge) - this needs high intellect too
- Freyella (-25% Recharge) - this needs high intellect too


(Jewelry & Artifacts) With -Recharge:

- Sindri's Loop (-20% Recharge)
- Polaris (-15% Recharge)


Also Green/Gold Gear With These Suffix's can have -Recharge on it:

of Concentration (-8% Recharge)

of Focus (-18% Recharge)

of Rumination (-13% Recharge)

of the Magus (-15% Recharge)