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The Forest is an open world horror-survival game which has you crash land on an island full of Cannibals where you'll need to survive while also exploring the island's secrets. It's an extremely unique game not only in concept but in the execution as well. You can build a small base or even an entire town which you'll need to defend from the Cannibals and Mutants that roam the island.

Hidden beneath the island are many caves which you will also need to explore in order to progress the story forward. While The Forest does have a story it's definitely its weakest point; many people find the gameplay loop so entertaining they completely forget about the main story!


The Forest Title Screen



The Forest - Best Main Base Locations

The Forest Base Locations

Wondering where the best locations to setup your base are? In my guide I include information about where many Cannibal/Mutant patrol routes are and give you detailed breakdowns of the entire map and which locations are good for base building and why. Along with giving you all the information you need to pick a good base location I cover a few locations I chose for bases and why.

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The Forest - What Amenities are best to build for your base?

The Forest Full Skin Racks

Do any of the Decorations have a practical purpose? How many Skin Racks or Explosive Holders do I need? Should I make a Garden? All of these questions and more will be answered in my amenities guide for The Forest! If you are new to the game I strongly recommend you check out this guide, it's designed to be a part 2 to my Best Main Base Locations Guide.

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The Forest Step-by-Step list to beat the game

This walkthrough is designed to shine some light on the more complicated aspects of The Forest as well as give you a step by step list of things you need to do in order to beat the game. Keep in mind that due to the fact that The Forest is an open world sandbox game there are millions of different ways to play the game. The information in this guide is solely my own personal opinion and includes all of the information I have learned after playing the game for a couple of weeks.

Prior to doing anything in The Forest you need to ask yourself what sort of experience you wish to give yourself. If you want to be on the edge of your seat and to have the island's natives constantly bothering you at your Main Base then you'll want to build your base in a more advanced area. For players who want a more peaceful Main Base away from danger will want to build in a more beginner friendly location.

1. Create a main base to store supplies/be safe
2. Explore a few of the easier caves to collect equipment like the Katana, Chainsaw and Modern Bow
3. (Optional) Create one or two more bases (or house boats) on opposite ends of the island so you have safe places to sleep/save. Base Location Ideas
4. (Optional) Make a 'Battle Bunker' for farming Bones on a Cannibal patrol route
5. Stock up on supplies like Bones, Bone Armor, Bone Arrows, Lizard Skins, Explosives and Medicine
6. Collect the Re-breather, Key Card and Climbing Axe from Caves (all of which are required to beat the game)
7. (Optional) Explore The Forest and collect all 4 sets of optional Blueprints, All Flintlock Pistol Pieces & other hidden items
8. Make your way through the caves and into the Sinkhole; go into the final cave using the Key Card in the Sinkhole

The Forest - All 4 Hidden Blueprint Locations

Schematic Cave Marker

Hidden across the map in The Forest there are 4 optional Blueprint pages to find. These pages will allow you to make some different decore for your base area as well as a Glider and a Tower to use that Glider. You'll also be able to make a Log Track which will allow you to travel a long distance with your Turtle Shell.

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