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Romansburg - Syberia 2 Walkthrough

Syberia 2 Start of Game

Syberia 2 picks up right where Syberia 1 left off. For those of you who haven't played Syberia 1 it's recommended you watch the recap at the title screen so you have some idea of what is going on. Essentially the first game ended right when you met Hans Voralberg in an area known as Aralbad. You, Hans and his automaton creation which goes by the name of Oscar all rode a train to where we are now, Romansburg.

When you disembark the train you'll automatically start a conversation with Colonel Emeliov Goupatchev. He runs the general store in town, we'll be visiting him a few times before we leave here. First thing on our to-do list is to go to the front of the train and use the crank and lever next to Oscar to wind up the train.

If you played the first Syberia you're probably used to this by now since we did it at every train stop throughout the game. Speak with Oscar after you do this and choose the 'Train' dialogue option to advance the story. Before leaving we'll need to get some coal!

Oscar Crank and Lever in Romansburg
Oscar, Crank and Lever in Romansburg

To get some coal the first thing you will have to do is speak with Colonel Emeliov Goupatchev inside of the general store. For those of you who played the previous Syberia, this one is a little bit different. Instead of asking the NPC specific dialogue options what you should do is go through every available dialogue option. Each time you choose a dialogue option it will disappear from the list if there is nothing more the NPC can tell you.

Next up you'll want to go to the opposite end of the train platform from Oscar and examine the locked gate here. Return to the general store after you've done this and search the desk that Colonel Goupatchev was working at on our first visit here. You'll find the Small Key in a small velvet padded case in the bottom left of the table.

On the bottom of the candy machine you'll also notice a phone number, 625 - 122. You can take out your cell phone and call the number if you wish but it's not required unless you want to get an achievement in some versions of the game.

Candy Machines In General Store

I'd recommend you talk with the Colonel at this time too and exhaust any new dialogue options you have, specifically any about 'Key' and 'Gate'. The Small Key we picked up is needed to access the Candy Machines which are located next to the main counter of this shop. Check my screen shot below for their exact location.

Click on the Candy Machines to get a close up view of them and then use the Small Key on the Candy Machine on the right. This will open up the money compartment and give you various coins that you'll be able to use on the Candy Machines.

To get the Sugar Candy you'll want to use the 5th coin (Deer coin) on the 1st Candy Machine

To get the Fish Candy you'll want to use the 2nd coin (50 with hole in middle) on the 2nd Candy Machine

In an effort to make things easier for you I have included a picture below with the correct coins placed overtop the candy machines. When you've collected both of the candies that we need grab the Small Key that we used to open the lock and use it on the other 2 Candy Machines. You'll be able to open them up and take out the coins we just put in.

Coins for the Candy Machines

Exit the store and go down one screen to the small ledge with the lever (pictured below). There will be a girl below this ledge that you can talk to if you click on her. Go through all of the dialogue options but most importantly you'll want to ask her about the Key and Candy.

She wants the Sugar Candy that we just got from the Candy Machine in exchange for the Key we need. Equip the Sugar Candy and toss it down to Malka and she'll send the Gate Key we need up on a balloon. With this key in hand you'll now want to return to the locked gate at the back of the train and proceed down into the lower portion of Romansburg.

Note: If Malka is not holding the balloon she will not tell you what candy she wants and you won't be able to advance. To fix this pull the lever in this area then go talk to Colonel Goupatchev inside the shop about 'Coal' and 'Key'. These will get you the flags you need to advance the story.

Young Girl near Lever

After using the Gate Key on the door and going down the stairs you'll get a cutscene of your boss sending a private detective to hunt you down. You'll find Malka nearby, talk to her and exhaust all the dialogue options available to you to learn what you need to know. A screen shot of where you can find Malka is shown below. What we need to do now is visit the Bourgoff brothers and speak with them about getting some coal for our trip.

First thing you'll want to go is go one screen left of Malka which is where you'll find an Empty Can. We'll need this for the next part. As for the Bourgoff brothers, if you're standing at Malka then you can reach them by going up a few screens then over to the left. Use my screen shot below if you're having trouble figuring out where to go.

Tip: If you find Kate's slow movement speed to be bothersome instead of clicking a single time to move double click instead. This will make her jog instead of slowly walk from place to place!

Lower Romansburg Intersection

What you're looking for is a wooden gate with a small slat in it. Approach the gate and Kate will automatically ring the bell to talk with one of the brothers. Exhaust all dialogue options available with this guy and the conversation will end without us getting what we want. That's ok, we have other methods! Go left of this wooden gate until you come across a Cirkos poster that is covering up a hole in the fence (pictured below).

Inspect the poster more closely and you will be able to remove it revealing the hole in the wall and allowing you to enter.

Poster on Fence leading to Bourgoff YardBourgoff Brother Back yard

Once you're inside of the back yard you'll have to inspect the crate with the baby polar bear inside (pictured above). This will let the bear out of the cage and distract one of the Bourgoff brothers long enough for us to switch out our Empty Can for the Jerry Can that's in the yard. My screen shot above will show you the location of the crate you have to open as well as the fuel can that we need to switch out.

Return to the intersection with Malka once you have the Jerry Can and go left one screen to find the engine (it's next to where we got the Empty Can earlier). Fill it up and then press the red button to start it. Before going back to the train you'll want to return to the screen with Malka and go right into the bar.

At this point in time there is a lot of running back and forth and I believe it's easier to put all of these steps into a list format versus paragraphs. Below are each of the steps you need to complete in order:

1. Talk with Cirko inside of the bar; exhaust all dialogue options
2. Approach the stage and look at the mechanical horses
3. Speak with Cirko again if applicable, make sure you talk to him about Hans and Horses
4. Return to the train and pull the lever next to it to fill it with coal
5. Oscar tells you that Hans is gone after pulling the lever
6. Go back downstairs and talk with Malka; talk with her about Hans to learn he went into Cirko's bar
7. Enter Cirko's bar and there will be a cutscene

When the cutscene is over you'll find yourself back on the train with Hans in bed and in poor health. Oscar will talk to you on the train too but there isn't anything else for you to do here now, let's return to our list format.

8. Return to Malka and talk to her about Mission and Monastery to get the information you need
9. Enter Cirko's bar and speak to him about Malka and Shroud
10. Return to Malka and talk to her about Monastery and Help; she'll give you a Token item

Now that you have the Token the next thing you need to do is head a few screens up from Malka and past the area where we broke into the Bourgoff brother's back yard. Continue following the path until you exit the town and you'll eventually come to a screen with a dispensary machine and a wooden bridge (pictured below).

Token Machine and Bridge
The Token Machine you get the Shroud at

Use the Token you were given on the machine and pull the lever to open the compartment. Grab the Shroud then try to cross the nearby wooden bridge, Kate will turn back because it's too cold as of right now. Return to town and visit the Colonel at the general store. Ask him for Help and he will allow you to climb up the ladder in the shop and pick up some Winter Clothes from the storage area up here.

Return to the train with these clothes and enter the bathroom to change. Visit Hans on the train too and equip the Shroud item then use it on him before leaving. You'll get Hans' Shroud for doing this. With all of that out of the way return to the wooden bridge we were just at and this time cross it. Continue following the path until you come across a Monk who is washing clothes.

Speak to the Monk washing clothes about Hans and Birds until these dialogue options are gone to advance the story. If you wanna be extra safe then go through all available dialogue options before returning to town.

Monk Washing Clothes

At this point in time you will need to return to Colonel Emeliov in town and ask him for Help again. He will give you a Black Birdcall, Silver Birdcall and Gold Birdcall; technically all we need from him is the Silver Birdcall though. Now we have to back track all the way back to the monk who was washing clothes and give him the Silver Birdcall.

When the monk runs off the screen you're free to grab a pair of robes that he was washing. Pick up the Monk's Habit item and Kate will automatically put them on behind a nearby rock. Head back a few screens to the lift we passed on the way here (pictured below) and pull the chain to call it down to you.

Chain to activate lift
Pull the chain to summon the lift

Ride the lift up and we're now done the first part of Syberia 2. Continue to the next section via the links below for more information about how to complete the Monastery area!



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