Valadilene - Syberia Walkthrough

Syberia Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The first thing you should do upon starting the game is grab the Advertising Brochure on the wall near the stairs. With this in hand go south into the other part of the room with the fireplace and speak with Momo sitting at the table. In this game when you interact with an NPC you'll get a notebook pop up that lets you select different dialogue options with them. Select Kate since that is all that is available for right now.

With these steps out of the way return to the hotel counter and investigate it. Pick up the key on the desk and then right click on the toy next to the bell to bring up a second window that allows you to insert the key. After you've inserted the key click on the red button to ring the bell and make the hotel manager come out.

Speak with the hotel manager and use the only dialogue option available to us, Kate. Once your conversation is done interact with your luggage near the door and you'll get another dialogue option, this one for 'Help'. Return to the hotel manager and ask him for 'Help' to advance the story. There will be a short scene after which you'll find yourself in your bedroom.

Hotel Succinct Walkthrough:

1. Pick up Advertising Brochure on the wall
2. Speak with Momo
3. Pick up Key on Hotel Desk & Insert into toy statue to ring bell
4. Ring the bell & speak with hotel manager
5. Interact with suitcase to receive the 'Help' dialogue option
6. Ask the hotel manager for 'Help' with your luggage
7. Grab the Fax on the bedside table and call your boss; 12 458 902 is the number
8. Return to the hotel manager on the 1st floor and ask him 'Mission' to receive a letter of introduction
9. Pick up the 2 cogs on the ground where Momo was sitting and the 2 cogs on the table

Once you enter the bedroom of your hotel you'll want to pick up the Fax on the bedside table and take note of the telephone number on it; 12 458 902 is the number we need. Now what you'll need to do is open your inventory with Right Click and interact with your character's cell phone. Dial the number provided to us for another dialogue scene.

Return to the first floor of the hotel and speak with the hotel manager about your 'Mission' to receive a letter of introduction. With this in hand head over to the table that Momo was sitting at and interact with it. Pick up the 2 cogs on the table as well as the 2 cogs on the ground nearby, we'll need them for later.

We're now able to exit the hotel we started in and travel to the notary building nearby. Once you leave the hotel you can find the notary building 3 screens to the left. A screen shot of what you're looking for is shown below.

Valadilene Notary Building

Outside the notary building you'll want to grab the Newspaper from the bench to learn more about Anna Voralberg's death. Next to the door leading inside the notary you'll find a mechanical automaton with 2 levers, one in its chest and one to the right of it. There are 3 steps you'll have to follow to complete this puzzle, all of which are listed below:

1. Pull the lever in the chest to lower the head
2. Place the Letter of Introduction (Fax 2) in the hand of the mechanical thing
3. Pull the lever to the right of the mechanical thing to open the door

The door into the notary will open after you complete this puzzle. Inside you'll find a man named Alfolter whom you'll have to speak with about your 'Mission' to advance the story. During your dialogue with him you'll learn of a key in the adjacent room which you'll want to pick up on your way out - the location of this key is on a coat hanger, shown in the screen shot below.

Telescopic Key in Notary Building

With the Telescopic Key in hand you'll want to exit the notary building and proceed back towards the hotel we started in. On your way back down the street you'll get a telephone call from Dan, this lets you know you're getting close to the factory. If you're having trouble finding it, the gate leading into the factory is on the right hand side of the street between 2 lamp posts in the large stone wall. Mouse over the large stone wall until the little circle on your cursor lights up to more easily find it.

Inspect the door leading into the factory and you will find another puzzle similar to the one outside the notary building. What you'll want to do is insert the Telescopic Key into the top portion then left click the mechanism on the bottom to unlock the door. To open it click the small lever in the middle region of the door. You'll enter into a courtyard which has multiple different routes for us to go.

Multiple Routes in Courtyard

To start we'll want to take the northwest path which will lead us to the platform. All we need to do at this location is to pull the lever on one of the rusty poles; this will make a large claw come out of the factory and grab a canister next to us before going back inside.

Return to the fountain intersection and this time we're going to be going down the right path which leads to Anna's Mansion. The front door of the mansion is locked so you'll want to proceed around to the back of the house. After you pass the ladder follow the path to the right and you will find the entrance to a hedge maze.

Enter the hedge maze and you'll find a gardener immediately to your right. Talk with her then proceed through the open gate on the left and straight on the next screen. You should be at the same location you see in my screen shot below. There are 2 gates here, one is open and the other is closed. Proceed through the open gate and you'll find a water basin with the Voralberg Key inside.

That's all we need from here right now. Return to the ladder we passed leading to the hedge maze and use the Voralberg Key on it to extend it to the attic. If you're having trouble finding this location I have provided a screen shot below as well.

Voralberg Key LocationLadder to Attic
Voralberg Key location & Ladder to the attic

We have a couple of things to do inside of the attic. The first of which is to proceed left and collect the Ink and Anna's Diary from inside of the writing desk. After you've gotten this head to the right-most screen in the attic which will be dark (pictured below). In order to see in this area you will need to activate the light which is hanging from the ceiling next to your character.

This will trigger a scene with Momo in the adjacent room. Speak with him a bit until he gives you the pencil and paper he is holding then return to the room with the light and investigate the mammoth etching on the wood beam to the right. You'll be able to draw the picture Momo wants this way, return it to him and then follow him. For now just head back in the direction of the notary on the main road of Valadilene.

Attic Succinct Walkthrough:

1. Collect the Ink and Anna's Diary
2. Go to the right-most room and turn on the light
3. Use the pencil and paper Momo gives you on the mammoth etching in the room with the light
4. Give the mammoth picture to Momo then follow him back out to the main road in Valadilene

Writing Desk in Annas AtticLight and Mammoth Etching Location

Momo will ask you to follow him all the way to the other side of town, you'll want to go as many screens to the left as you possibly can. When you can't go to the left anymore, you'll find Momo standing outside of a locked gate (pictured below). Approach him and he'll open the gate then take off running again leaving us to follow him.

If the slow movement speed is annoying you for this part a tip for you is to double click as it'll make Kate jog instead of walk.

Momo outside of gate

The next location you'll find Momo is at the split in the road; the path that leads to the upper right will take you to a dam with a wooden lever. When you come up here interact with the wooden lever and Kate will quickly give up and express that she needs help. As for the other path, this currently leads to a dead end since there is flowing water that blocks your way forward.

I believe the best way to explain this next part is in a different format, below is a step by step list of how to progress the story forward.

1. Ask Momo for 'Help' after trying to move the lever yourself
2. Pick up the broken lever and return to the row boat we past on the way to this location
3. Use the broken lever to bring the oar in the water closer to you
4. Return to Momo and ask him for 'Help' again. He will go down to the rowboat and pick up the oar
5. Follow Momo back to the fork in the road and ask him for 'Help' yet again
6. Momo will use the oar to open the dam which will drain the water blocking our route along the other path

Cleared Path After Opening Dam
After Momo opens the dam the path is open.

The path leads inside of a cave which has a mammoth toy doll lying on the ground. Approach the toy and click on it to take a closer look then pick it up. That's the item we came all this way for, now it's back to the fountain intersection we past awhile ago back in town. At this intersection you will want to go left which will take you to the factory.

First thing you will want to do inside of the factory is proceed up the stairs on the left side of the screen. At the top of the stairs you will find a door leading into Anna's office; further down the catwalk leads you to the control panel which is a location we'll be visiting later.

Inside of Anna's office you'll want to inspect her desk to find an unfinished note to her brother, a new train design and a bunch of invoices. When you're done with the desk investigate the cabinet with the large clock in the middle that's also in the room. If you left click the book that's second from the right you'll uncover a hidden compartment that contains a Hans-Anna mechanical toy and a music cylinder. You receive the music cylinder right now but the box stays here.

Clock Cabinet Secret Compartment

Return to the main room of the factory when you are done inside of Anna's office. To help you navigate the rest of this area I have included a screen shot of the factory floor below. When looking at the front door of the factory you'll want to go one screen to the right which will lead you to the power room.

Syberia Factory Locations

Inside the power room you'll find a chain and a lever that you'll have to hit, in that order. Activating both of these will turn on the factory and allow us to complete the next puzzle. Both of these things are pictured below. Return to the main room of the factory again and this time you'll want to go left past the stairs.

In my screen shot above where it says "to Oscar & Forklift" is the next area we'll be visiting.

Chain and Lever to Power Factory

When you enter the area with the forklift you'll get a telephone call from your mother. After the scene interact with the forklift and it'll automatically pick up the canister sitting on the production line and take it to the assembly line in the adjacent room. If there is no canister here then it means you didn't move it from the platform earlier. Scroll up on this page until you reach the picture with the fountain intersection. Go to the 'Platform' area and move the canister using the lever then return.

Exit the close up screen of the forklift and above it you'll see a wooden door. Enter the door and you'll find yourself in a smaller room with a hanging automaton, behind it you'll be able to use a crank which will lower the automaton down so that you can speak with it.

Choose the dialogue option 'Production' with Oscar and he'll tell you how to retrieve a pair of legs for him as well as give you Oscar's Card.

Oscar the automaton in factory

With Oscar's Card in hand our next stop is going to be the control panel which you can find by going up the stairs to the left of the entrance. Pass by Anna's office which we were inside of earlier and continue down the catwalk to the control panel. Once you're at the control panel there are a few things you will have to do to advance the story, every step is listed below along with a picture.

1. Pull the bottom right lever
2. Insert Oscar's Card into the center of the machine
3. Pull the lever to the left of where you insert the card until the color pallet changes to light tan
4. When you're ready to create the legs pull the lever to the right of where you inserted the card

Factory Control Panel Puzzle

Now that we have created the legs for Oscar you'll want to return to the main room of the factory and exit the screen south to the Assembly Line. This will put you on a screen which is kind of an overview of the whole facility. You'll find the Wooden Legs for Oscar by going right one more time to the next screen which is a close up of one of the assembly lines.

Pick up the Wooden Legs then return them to Oscar to complete all we need to do inside of the factory for now. Exit the factory and return to the main road that goes through Valadilene. Our next destination is the church which we can find by going as far north as possible along the main road through Valadilene.

When you arrive at the church you'll get a phone call from Mr. Marson who isn't too happy with the situation. Proceed to the right around the church and follow the path leading to the door in the back which is unlocked. Inside the building you'll need to inspect the crucifix hanging on the wall to move it aside and loot the Key behind it. With the Key in hand you'll be able to open the dresser which is in the same room.

Items Inside the Church

The dresser has numerous items that you'll want to collect inside of it, the Red Punch Card, Purple Punch Card, Green Punch Card and Blue Punch Card can all be found lying out in the open. When opening the drawer in the middle you'll notice that there is a hidden compartment inside that is currently closed. On the right hand side of the dresser you'll find a small crank that you can turn to reveal what's inside the secret compartment.

Inside the secret compartment you'll find Voralberg Key as well as Letter of Confession; grab both of these and return to the front of the church. On your way back to the front of the church you'll pass a weird looking door which is actually an elevator (pictured below).

Elevator Attached to Church

Remember the 4 Cogs we got from Momo inside the hotel at the start of the game? All 4 of them will need to be placed in the box next to the elevator after which you'll have to pull the lever to the right of the box in order to properly activate it. The elevator takes you up to the top of the church where you'll want to inspect the back of an automaton that is bending over a wheel.

Insert the Purple Punch Card into the automaton to trigger a cutscene during which the other nearby automaton sitting ontop the mausoleum will lower its hat revealing a keyhole. Return to the entrance of the church and instead of going right this time you'll want to go left to the mausoleum. Insert the Voralberg Key into the top hat of the automaton to open the door to the mausoleum and proceed inside.

Open up the crypt belonging to Han's Voralberg and then inspect it more closely to reveal a Valadilene Voice Cylinder as well as a Press Cuts (Newspaper clipping). Grab both of these items and then exit the mausoleum/church area. You'll want to return to the factory, specifically Anna's Office where you'll want to place the Valadilene Voice Cylinder into the music box that we uncovered earlier.

Upon placing the Valadilene Voice Cylinder into the music box you'll learn of a secret between Hans and Anna as well as how Hans had his accident during his childhood. When the scene concludes make sure you grab the Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy from the top of the music box object. Now we are officially done with the factory for good. Return to the intersection outside the factory with the fountain and this time go northeast to the train platform.

We have a couple of back and forth steps to do in this area that would be best explained through the list format.

Train Station Locations in Valadilene

1. Enter the train and speak with Oscar, choose 'Mission' in the dialogue option
2. Exit the train and speak with Oscar at the Ticket Booth, say 'Mission' again and you'll receive a Ticket and Train Release Permit
3. Go to the notary in town and find the reception desk inside
4. Place the Train Release Permit onto the table and fill the top of the stamp with Ink (we got some earlier from this building)
5. Press the red button to stamp the form and then pick it up and return to the train station
6. At the train station you'll want to use the walkway to go over top the train to the adjacent side where you'll find a crank and lever (pictured below)
7. Use the crank and then the lever to "wind up" aka activate the train then board the train once again

Crank and Lever in Train Station

When you enter the train you'll get another call from Dan whose being impatient. Before you depart you'll want to go a few screens over in the train cart to the center of the train where you'll have the option of placing multiple objects on the pedestals around the room. The Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy should go ontop the center pedestal and the Toy Mammoth Doll will go onto the rectangular spot in the bottom right of the screen.

At the top of the screen you'll see 2 cabinets, the left one is where you'll be putting the Valadilene Voice Cylinder and the Music Cylinder. I've included a picture of this room below which shows you where everything needs to go. Once everything is in place return to Oscar and give him the Train Release Permit that's now stamped and the Train Ticket. He'll thank you and the train will depart for Barrockstadt University which is the next area of this game.

Object Placement Inside Train Cart



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