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Differences between state of decay 1 and 2

<Picture of Plague Heart>

Plague Hearts are one of the main "bosses" that you have to deal with in State of Decay 2. They are large masses of... flesh... that are typically surrounded by many Plague Zombies and they spawn more Plague Zombies when they're under attack. You are required to destroy all of the Plague Hearts in your town before you're able to choose a leader and complete your legacy missions.

Despite the fact that Plague Hearts are the main "boss" enemy in the game they're surprisingly easy to kill if you do it the right way. The moment you engage a Plague Heart they will spawn Plague Zombies inside of your building as well as outside. Typically a horde or two will spawn outside along with a Feral on higher difficulty settings.

When you destroy the Plague Heart every Plague zombie in the area will instantly despawn. This is the most crucial thing to keep in mind. You can make Plague Hearts trivial even on the highest difficulty settings by eliminating it in a matter of seconds with specific items like grenades or C4.



Plague Heart Tips & Tricks

- They do not regenerate HP. You can severely damage a Plague Heart then leave it for 20+ ingame days before coming back to destroy it. It'll never recover health.

- Destroying a Plague Heart instantly kills all nearby Plague Zombies



Effective Weapons Against Plague Hearts









Molotovs: These are incredibly easy for you to create but it'll take you quite a few of them per Plague Heart on higher difficulty levels. In my experience spam throwing them is less effective than throwing it and letting the fire burn the Plague Heart for a few seconds. I'm fairly certain the fire DoT overwrites itself if you spam it.

Soda Can Bombs:





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