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Followers Tips & Tricks - State of Decay 2 Guide

Two Followers in SoD 2

In State of Decay 2 you're able to have both your group of survivors follow you around as well as recruit a follower from one of the Enclaves that you're friendly with. If you have one of your own following you then you will not be able to recruit someone from one of the Enclaves; the same is true if we flip that around. The only way you can have 3 followers at once is if you currently have an active follower and you begin a mission where the person you're helping joins you OR if you start a mission and that mission has multiple people that follow you.

Followers offer you an entire second inventory (if it is a Follower from your base) or a vendor that follows you around (Enclave Follower). You'll also be protected against most regular zombies, however in my experience your Follower doesn't hold up the best against Freak zombies.

Your Followers will die fairly easily to a Juggernaut or a Feral if you're not careful and for that reason I strongly recommend not using a Follower from your base when you need to do something that is dangerous. Any time you need a Follower for combat purposes instead of Mule purposes you should use an Enclave Follower or begin a random mission with a Survivor that you have no intention of finishing. Both Enclave Followers and the random survivors you encounter are disposable, your Community isn't. Remember though, your Followers are really only useful for small Zombie Hordes or to buy you some time against harder enemies.

I like dragging regular zeds onto my Follower while I fight a Juggernaut or allowing my Follower to protect me as I sloppily make a ton of noise fast searching for items in a building. Aside from using my Follower as a loot sponge, these two reasons are the only other ones that I bring them. More often than not my Follower still ends up getting in my way too. I can't tell you how many times he's ran in to melee a Plague Heart as I am tossing Molotovs or bombs at it or blocks the doorway while I am trying to get past.



Follower Benefits + Tips & Tricks

- Extra storage space (Follower from your base) or access to a vendor that follows you around (Follower from Enclave)

- Followers have unlimited ammo in this game and when you aim your gun/start shooting your Follower will too. Use this to your advantage and approach a Zombie Horde with your gun aiming at them, your Follower will pick off a few Zombies before they even have a chance to reach you.

- Protection against regular zombies (you have to save your Followers from Freak zombies; they usually won't save you)

- Distractions. I love scavenging buildings and making a ton of noise with Followers. Zombies will come to attack me but never reach me since my Followers always intercept them and take them out. The same is true for any time you need a distraction or a breather from the zombies. Just drag them onto your Follower to buy yourself some time!


Negatives of Followers

- You can't control them. They do some really stupid shit sometimes and put themselves in unneccessary danger. This is why it's typically good to have an Enclave Follower when you need to do some fighting rather than one from your base.

- Block door ways. Seriously, they almost always stand in the doorway.

- Your Follower doesn't understand what quiet means. They'll smash through windows for no reason and whip out their gun to start shooting at the worst times. Get used to it if you use them.



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