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Outposts Guide - State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Base and Outposts

Outposts in State of Decay 2 work a little differently than they did in the first State of Decay. In this game none of your Outposts will protect you with landmines on the ground like in the first one and they have no offensive capabilities at all. For this reason you shouldn't create any Outposts close to your base; Outposts close to your base are almost completely worthless except for the bonus they provide (if they provide one at all).

In State of Decay 2, Outposts basically are only useful for accessing your Supply Locker and being able to swap your character in places other than your base. Sometimes Outposts will grant you an additional benefit too such as supply chain of a specific resource, water/electricity for your base, additional beds for your Community or other benefits like bonus influence, the ability to make Coffee and more.

Below I have created a list of the best additional benefits Outposts can grant you. They're in order from what is in my opinion the best best to the worst.

Outposts You Want (Listed in order of importance)

1. Electrical Facility (Electricity for your whole base)
2. Water Facility (Water for your whole base)
3. Outpost with Two Beds (Use these instead of building extra beds in your Base)
4. Whatever resource you need. Food, Medicine, Materials, Ammo or Fuel
5. Artillery Strike (Can be useful for Dread/Nightmare difficulty)

If you're using the Builder Amenity on your current play through then for the most part the only Outposts that'll be useful to you are ones that grant you a supply chain of resources or ones that give you beds. The less beds you need to build at your base, the more useful buildings you can create instead!

For the most part when I play the game I place an Outpost in each cluster of buildings on the map. Typically I will choose a building in that cluster that grants me some sort of resource for my base or one that provides beds. I'll then use the Supply Locker in this Outpost to dump off everything that I scavenge in the entire town.

Once I am done most of my scavenging in the game, I sometimes create Outposts nearby a cluster of Plague Hearts that I wish to destroy. This will allow me to switch between characters if they get injured or restock on explosives to take out the Plague Heart.

Multiple Outpost Types on Map
Each Outpost on your map has a different display icon that tells you the type of Outpost.


Complete List of All Outposts & Benefits

Extra Beds: Most houses that you can claim throughout the map will grant you two extra beds.

Food: Resturants, Barns and other buildings will grant you a steady supply chain of food.

Materials: Warehouses, Sheds, Home Improvement Stores and other buildings will grant you daily materials.

Medicine: Medical Clinics, Pharmacies and more will provide you with daily Medicine.

Fuel: Gas Stations, Fuel Tanks and more will provide you with daily Fuel.

Ammo: Gun Stores, Military Outposts, Military Roadblocks and more will provide daily Ammo.

Artillery Strike: Can use the Radio to call in an Artillery Strike, costs Ammo and 500 Influence.

Water: Water Pumps, Towers and Facilities can provide your base with permanent water at the cost of 2 Fuel/day.

Power: Power Stations and Facilities will provide your base with permanent water at the cost of 2 Fuel/day.

Coffee: Espresso barista stalls can be found on each map that will give your base a small Morale boost and allow you to create Coffee at the cost of Food.

Radio: Cell Towers can be claimed that reduce all Radio Command cooldowns.

Parts: Warehouses and other buildings can give you a daily supply of Parts; the amount they give is random.




State of Decay 2 Outposts F.A.Q

How many Outposts can you have in total? You get 4 from the Command Center Level 3 and you can get up to 2 more Outposts from Facility Mods that you attach to the Command Center. Additionally hiring a Red Talon Contractor from the Daybreak DLC will give you an Outpost slot too. The Facility Mods that add Outpost slots are; Network Signal Booster which adds 2 Outpost Slots and Signal Antenna which adds a single Outpost slot. That means you can have a total of seven Outposts.

What are the best Outposts? Water and Power if you don't already have them. Other than that I like to do beds as my Outposts since that frees up some slots in my base. Then I build a Fighting Gym and a Shooting Range which grants my Community permanent +Health and +Stamina.

How Useful is the Artillery Strike Outpost? This Outpost increases in usefulness depending on your difficulty. You can use it to insta-kill any Plague Hearts on Dread/Nightmare difficulty if they are located close to the wall of a building. Throw the Smoke Grenade next to the building where the Plague Heart is and the Artillery Strike will take it out. Not recommended for moving targets of any kind.





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