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Best Weapons in State of Decay 2

There are TONS of different weapons for you to choose from in State of Decay 2 and you're probably wondering what the best ones you can get a hold of are. Look no further for your questions shall be answered in this guide! I've compiled a list of all the best weapons in the game (as of 9/15/2020) and separated them into different categories.. Guns, Bladed (melee), Blunt (melee) and Heavy.

In addition to listing the best weapons in the game I also included the best 'easy to find' weapons as well. It doesn't help you that much to know that Eternal Guard's Infinite Rage is one of the best guns in the game if your chance of seeing it in any given play through is 1/100 or lower.

Finally, in an attempt to 'teach a man to fish and feed him for life' I am going to also explain each stat on a weapon and what it does. This will help you to make your own decisions when figuring out what the best weapons in the game are.


Impact: This tells you the amount of damage the weapon does

Max Durability: Tells you how easily the weapon breaks; the higher the durability the longer until it breaks

Dismember: Increases the likelihood that hitting the zombie will remove a limb; the higher the Dismember stat the higher chance of taking off a limb

Knockdown: This determines how likely you are to knock down the enemy when hitting them; the higher the Knockdown stat the higher chance of knocking down a zombie.

Lethality: Gives you a chance to instantly kill a zombie when attacking them (or kill them with less hits); higher

Quietness: This determines how much noise you make when firing or swinging the weapon; the higher the quietness the quieter it is.

Speed: Tells you how long the attack animation is; high Speed value means the attack animations are very quick.

Ease of Use: This tells you how much Stamina using the weapon takes; the higher Ease of Use stat the less Stamina it costs per swing.



Best Guns:

RTX Stormbringer (7.62): Out of all the rifles in the game that use 7.62 Ammo, the RTX Stormbringer comes out on top. This gun boasts a capacity of 61 and it comes with the best stats of all the other 7.62 rifles.

Trumbull Gatekeeper (7.62): This gun is a bolt action rifle which means it'll never jam or break and it also has above average stats all around.

Sighted AK-47 (7.62): This gun isn't the best weapon of its kind but it is extremely easy to obtain and good enough to be on this list.

Eternal Guard's Infinite Rage (7.62): You can very rarely find this weapon off of Wandering Traders in the game for 1,000 Influence. It boasts the largest capacity in the entire game with 150 bullets.

Sighted M4A1 (5.56): This gun isn't the best weapon of its kind but it is extremely easy to obtain and good enough to be on this list.

Prepper's 10/22 (.22): This is a very quiet .22 cal rifle with a capacity of 51; one of the largest magazine capacities in the entire game. If you're good at headshots this gun will save you a ton of inventory space of bullets since you can basically kill up to three hordes on Nightmare without reloading once!

Echo S1 Revolver (.22): An extremely quiet revolver with a high capacity. Revolvers will never break or jam which is the advantage of this weapon.

Spec Ops Vector SMG (.45): This is typically seen as the best .45cal weapon in the game. It has a capacity of 51 which is larger than most other weapons of this type and its stats are also some of the best for being a .45cal.

Gangland Strad (.45): *WW2 Pack* This gun isn't the best weapon of its kind but it is extremely easy to obtain and good enough to be on this list.

Echo-S4 SMG (9mm): *Heartland Only* You can trade this weapon from a Heartland character to a character in the regular SoD game, however. This list would not be complete if I didn't mention this gun since it is one of the best in the game.

G18 Auto & G18 Auto Custom (9mm): Both of these guns have extremely high stats and large magazines. The G18 Auto Custom has a capacity of 50 making it one of the largest pistol capacities in the game.

M17 (9mm): This pistol has one of the largest possible magazine capacities available for a pistol and very high stats.

P220-9 Elite (9mm): This pistol has one of the largest possible magazine capacities available for a pistol and very high stats.

Echo X-3 Repeating Crossbow: This is the best Crossbow in the game largely due to the fact that it has a capacity of 10 - far more than other Crossbows

B50FG (.50 AP): This weapon is considered a 'cannon' and is one of the most powerful guns in the entire game. It'll kill every zombie except a Juggernaut in just one shot, it'll take multiple shots in the head though to take down a Juggernaut.

Viper (.357): One of the better revolvers in the game, if you like using revolvers.

Echo-S1 Revolver (.22): *Heartland* High capacity revolver that is part of the Heartland DLC.



Best Bladed Weapons:

What makes a bladed weapon good is a high Dismemberment and Lethality stat. Speed, Ease of Use and Durability are also all important. Bladed Weapons specialize in dismembering foes and killing them instantly with the lethality stat.

Bastard of Belleau Wood: If you want to know what a perfect sword looks like, use this weapon as a gauge. Extremely high Lethality, Speed and Dismemberment is what makes this weapon so good.

Sweet Skull Sword: This is my second favorite sword in the game, the only bladed weapon I like more than it is Bastard of Belleau Wood sword. You can find this weapon on Plague Hearts and more commonly than the Bastard of Belleau Wood.

Katana Machete: The Katana Machete is a much more common but still quite powerful bladed weapon.

Rebar Blade: You can craft this at the Forge if you have someone in your Community with Metalworking and this is on par with many of the better bladed weapons.

Monogear Axe:

Replica Bastard Sword:

Apocalypse Sword:



Best Blunt Weapons:

The best blunt weapons are typically those with very high Knockdown and Impact. Whereas bladed weapons specialize in dismembering and instantly killing foes, blunt weapons specialize in knocking down large groups of enemies and then having you finish them off with the "quick kill" finisher that you can use on downed foes.

Ubermallet: This is the best blunt weapon in the game based on the stats.

Persian Meel: Out of all the blunt weapons in the game, this one is typically considered the best or at least top two.

RTX Crusher: This is one of the better blunt weapons that is still easy to get your hands on.

Championship Bat: It's a baseball bat with pretty good blunt weapon stats.

Danforth Slugger: It's a baseball bat with pretty good blunt weapon stats.

Oversize Mallet: One of the easier and better blunt weapons to get your hands on but it'll cost you in Stamina with each swing.





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