Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Guides

This page contains a long list of all the different guides I have created for the Kingdoms of Amalur game. These guides include Leveling, Farming, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Trainer locations, Quest guides and many many more. These guides below cover everything that I think you would need help on while playing the game.

Futher down on this page I have created a quick F.A.Q guide which is mostly just there so when people google something, such as how to complete an annoying quest in the game.


List of Guides for KoA

Kingdoms of Amalur Leveling Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Sagecrafting Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Alchemy Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Trainers Locations

Kingdoms of Amalur Quest Guide




Kingdoms of Amalur F.A.Q

Unlucky Charm Quest - Bug

If the Hidden Door is closing on you after you cleanse the amulet a good way to fix that is to cleanse the amulet and sprint to the door. When you get close enough use anything that makes you dash forward, Finesse and Sorcery both get something, don't know if Might does -- Just roll in anycase. But this should get you under the door before it closes. There is no other way around it, the reason it is closing on you is because you explored Syl first before doing the quest.

How do I remove the Soulbind Curse?

By completing the quest - The Lost Squad. After you acquire the curse your quest will update and have you find and drink the Soulbind Cure. The Soulbind Cure item is in your inventory under Items. It is called Mysterious Cure

How do I remove Amman's Curses?

You must complete the quest Unlucky Charm to remove these 3 annoying curses. Just track it in your log and follow each objective until you're done the quest and then just like that, the curses will be gone!