Final Fantasy XI Guides & Walkthroughs

This is the FFXI section of my website - any Final Fantasy XI Guides that I have written can be found on this page. Sadly, there are not many and all of the guides I have for this game are also very old. Every Farming Guide on this page was written within 2 - 4 years after the release of the game which means they're over a decade outdated.

With this said, if there is ever an FFXI Progression Server or Classic Server that re-releases the game in its original state the information on this page will be relevant again.


Farming Locations



Farming Locations 1 - 30

Beastman Blood
Beehive Chips and Honey
Bird Blood
Black Tiger Fangs
Crab Meat
Fear of the Dark
Silk Thread

Farming Locations 30 - 50

Cockatrice Meat
Dhalmel Hair
Gigas In Quifim
Golems and Dolls

Farming Locations 50 +

Beast Blood & Fiend Blood
Bugard Skins and Tusks
Caslte Z and Caslte O
Coeurl Meat, Whiskers and Hides
Flying Mantas
Gigas in Xarcabard
Lizard Eggs, Skins and Tails