Ten Pace Boots in Bal Fell - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Statue Next to Ten Pace Boots

Location: Bal Fell
Requirements: The chest containing the Ten Pace Boots has a lock level of 75
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Bal Fell is home to the best piece of Heavy Armor boots in the game, Ten Pace Boots. You can reach Bal Fell by first traveling to Vivec then heading east to the chain of islands; around the same location where you encounter the Mudcrab Merchant. Bal Fell is found on the southern most large island.

Inside Bal Fell the area you're looking for is the Inner Shrine. You will find a massive statue in this area (pictured above) with a locked chest at the feet of it. Ontop the chest you'll find some gold and a Grand Soul Gem, both of which are worth picking up too. Use whatever means at your disposal to open the chest (lock level 75) and claim the Ten Pace Boots as your reward.

Bal Fell Map Location
Bal Fell Map Location


Ten Pace Boots in Morrowind