Lord's Mail in Underground Caves near Ebonheart - Morrowind

Furius Achilius with Lords Mail

Location: Ebonheart, Underground Caves
Requirements: N/A
Video: Location of Lord's Mail Heavy Armor

The best Heavy Armor chestpiece in the game is Lord's Mail which can be acquired from Furius Achilius in the Underground Caves near Ebonheart. Furius is part of an Imperial quest where you need to obtain his armor to complete the quest - however you can visit this location at any point in the game and kill him for his items without the quest.

You'll find the entrance to the Underground Caves just north of Ebonheart; check my map location below for the exact location. In addition to Lord's Mail there are a couple other goodies for you to find in this cave like a Glass Jinkblade and Frostsword, check out this video for their locations.

Lords Mail Underground Cave Entrance
Ebonheart Underground Caves Map Location.


Lords Mail Chestpiece