Fists of Randagulf in Ilunibi - Morrowind

Fist of Randagulf Gauntlets in Ilunibi

Location: Ilunibi, Soul's Rattle
Requirements: N/A
Video: Location of Fists of Randagulf

The Fists of Randagulf are the best pair of Heavy Armor gloves in the game and you'll cross paths with them rather early on during the main story too. During the main story Caius will order you to attack a Sixth House base which is found just a tad bit north of Gnaar Mok. The name of the base is Ilunibi and it's a giant cavern system which spans several areas.

You can find the Fists of Randagulf in the final section of Ilunibi called Soul's Rattle. To reach Soul's Rattle you'll need to go through Marowak's Spine to the Blackened Heart area; you'll find the door that leads to Soul's Rattle in Blackened Heart. As for the Fists of Randagulf, they're found behind one of the troughs in the western end of the room that you fight Dagoth Gares in.

If you're having trouble locating the Fists of Randagulf I have marked their location on my map below. There's a map below too that will show you the location of Ilunibi's entrance.

Ilunibi Map Location
Ilunibi Map Location.

Fists of Randagulf Map Location

Fist of Randagulf Rt Gauntlet

Fist of Randagulf Left Gauntlet