Amulet of Heartthrum Location - Morrowind

Dagoth Tureynul in Tureynulal

Location: Tureynulal
Requirements: Levitate/Jump to navigate the terrain near dungeon
Video: How to get Amulet of Heartthrum

The Amulet of Heartthrum is a drop from defeating Dagoth Tureynul inside of the Tureynulal dungeon. This amulet is one of many that drop from the Dagoth enemies that spawn in dungeons within the confines of the Ghostfence. During The Citadels of the Sixth House Story Quest you'll be tasked with collecting each of these amulets from the dungeons surrounding Dagoth Ur. However, much like with all Elder Scrolls games, you can technically come here at any point during the game and collect these items.

After you defeat Dagoth Tureynul I strongly recommend you pillage the entire room he is in too. There are many books around the room - some of which will grant you skill points when reading them.

In addition to the Amulet of Heartthrum you'll also find the Cleaver of St. Felms inside of The Bladder of Clovis portion of Tureynulal along with a couple of pieces of Glass Armor. This is an Artifact weapon which is involved in a Tribunal Temple quest or just an item you can use yourself if you want to.

Tureynulal Map Location
Tureynulal Map Location

Amulet of Heartthrum