Deus Ex The Fall Guides & Walkthroughs





Codes for all of the doors in Deus Ex The Fall

Moscow Maintenance Floor 1 (Door after 3 enemies) 6980

Moscow Maintenance Floor 2 (Door before Mikhail) 0451


Tyrant Jetliner (In Operations Room) 0101


Train Station (Station Office) 0490

Train Station (Safe inside the station's office) 7712


Boardwalk (Gate by Train Station exit) 4044

Boardwalk (Nightshade's rear gate) 5643

Boardwalk (Opposite of previous gate) 5643


Nightshades (Downstairs Office) 3838


Slums (Storage Garage on Rojo st) 6009

Slums (Locker B near the Drug Den) 1212

Slums (Drug Den's Back Door) 1999


Underground Clinic (Alvarez's Safe) 0001


Downtown (Gate near XNG Data Center) 6114


LIMB Clinic (Safe) 2020


Hotel Etana Lobby (Security Office) 9603

Hotel Etana Lobby (Supply Room) 1974

Hotel Etana Upstairs (A door in Room 1303) 1702

Hotel Etana Upstairs (Camila's Room) 5839

Hotel Etana Upstairs (Penthouse) 5872

Hotel Etana Upstairs (Door to Roof) 2122

Hotel Etana Roof (Maintenance Area) 9697


XNG Data Center (Door Behind front desk) 9284

XNG Data Center (Maintenance Room) 2882

XNG Data Center (Back Office) 8812


Belltower Base (Barracks entrance) 4319

Belltower Base (North entrance to Barracks' Living space) 1777

Belltower Helipad 1022

Belltower Helipad (Ammunitions Room - E corridor) 6006

Belltower Helipad (Cargo Bay East Entrance) 5599

Belltower Helipad (Control Room) 1800