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Everquest Guides

           If you are someone playing on live and wondering where you can find a list of all my EQ guides that are relevant to you - this is the page! I'm going to keep this page up to date with all the guides I write that cover content relevant for max level players. As you can tell from my navigation bar it's setup more for chronologically categorizing my guides for Progression Servers.

           This is the page holds a lot of information so I have it sorted by what gets the most hits on average for my website.

Leveling Guides for every Expansion Pack

Many different Endgame Guides

Getting Started Guides (A great source of information for new and returning players)

Many 100 - 105 Xp/Farming Locations

           Those are the main guides I have for current EQ that many people find useful. If you would like other leveling locations and ideas as well as other farming locations & ideas you can always look through older expansions I link to on my navigation bar. You may find some information that's still relevant to you even on live servers!

           Below you'll find more guides I have written that aren't as popular as the ones listed above but they certainly still contain very useful information. The first link in this list isn't a guide but rather it links to a Map Pack that I strongly recommend you download and install for EQ. It'll give you all the maps that you're missing and the person who created it has even taken the time to list location of nameds and other useful things on the map.

All EQ Maps (Up to date map pack by Goodurden <RoI>)

Dragons of Norrath Progression

Alchemy Guide

Baking Guide

Brewing Guide

Fletching Guide

Jewelcrafting Guide

Pottery Guide

Smithing Guide

Spell Research Guide

Tailoring Guide

Tinkering Guide

Poison Making Guide








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