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Everquest Leveling Guides

           On this page you will find multiple complete and up to date leveling guides for Everquest. Since Everquest is such a giant world and has many different types of players new and old playing in it simultaneously there are many different ways you can level up. The fastest and arguably best way to level in Everquest is through Grouping. Although since the game is so old grouping is almost non-existant until level 80+ and even then until 90+ it is still amost impossible to find a group.

           This Leveling Guide here will take you through Everquest quickly and efficiently while still giving you a great feel of what the game is all about and what you should expect at max level. There are many different paths, as aforementioned for each different type of player. I will go over each of the paths briefly as they appear further down the page but first you should know that these aren't the golden standard "only-leveling" areas in Everquest. There are dozens if not hundreds of different locations for you to level through almost every level range. These are just some of the better ones that I have found that will provide you with the most enjoyment, nostalgia and quick leveling possible.

Index - All Guides Listed

These links will take you to the start of each of the guides; at the bottom of each page you can follow the link to the next suggested level range. OR if you want to jump in at any level scroll further down this page and you will find all of the leveling sections broken down into each level range for easier access.

Many Different Leveling Locations

Progression Server's Leveling Guide Index Page

EverQuest Classic Leveling Guide

Path 1 - Fastest Leveling Path for EQ

Path 2 - Undead Zones, Great for Pallies and Clerics (Starts with Glooming Deep but this link will take you to my Kurn's Guide)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 1-10 (Tutorial)

Path 3 - My "Old School" path

Path 4 - Money Making Path (Starts with Glooming Deep but this link will take you to Crescent Reach Bears)


**Choose what path you want here, the rest of the page is pretty outdated, this is all the consolidated information above this line**



The Mines of Glooming Deep (No Merc needed, Free Trial Players can use too)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: The Mines of Glooming Deep Part 1 (Intro)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: The Mines of Glooming Deep Part 2 (Levels 2-5)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: The Mines of Glooming Deep Part 3 (Levels 5-10)

Almar's EverQuest Progression Server Leveling Guide

Index Page

EverQuest Classic Leveling Guide



Path 1 - Fatest Leveling Path In Everquest

This path here is the fastest and most efficient path to leveling to max level. This will be the path I constantly change/alter to provide you with the fastest leveling experience in Everquest. For the first 50 levels of this path you will want to always have a Tank Merc with you. He can solo pretty much anything through this level range and he will provide you with some of the fastest leveling that can be had. With his innate ability to regenerate health you'll have almost 0 zero down all the way to 50.

If for any reason you struggle with a part of this path get a few more levels before switching to the location you had trouble with.

NOTE: Free to Play players will want to follow this path and also use a Tank merc up until level 50.

Everquest Leveling Guide: 1 - 14 (Cresent Reach)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 14 - 30 (Blightfire Moors)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 30 - 48 (Goru'kar Mesa)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 48 - 55 (Plane of Hate)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 55 - 60 (Crypt of Decay)

**Amazing Spot to Stop for AAs**

Everquest Leveling Guide: 60 - 65 (Bastion of Thunder)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 65 - 70 (PoFire)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 70 - 75/(77) (Dragonscale Hills)

Everquest Leveling Guide: 75 - 80 (Field of Scale)

Everquest Leveling Guide - 80 - 85 (Blackburrow) - this may not be that great of a zone, it is made for players with low AAs, if you have good gear and good AAs at this level, try a different zone. (There are many good recommendations in my AA Leveling Guides)

The higher level you get in EQ the harder it becomes to tell you 'where is best to go for X level'. It becomes nearly impossible 90+ because there are too many factors at play that can totally change your gameplay experience from another players. Things like someone having better gear, a pet, more AAs or maybe they are just a class better at soloing than you are. Due to this I highly recommend you use my AA Leveling Guides past 85 or 90 because they will offer you many different locations and possibilities.

Everquest Leveling Guide 85 - 88 (Toskirakk)

Everquest Leveling Guide 88 - 92 (Korascian Warrens)

Shard's Landing Relatively Weak Mobs is good from here on out or The Grounds in HoT.

Everquest RoF Endgame Camps Guide

Path 2 - Undead Zones, Great for Pallies and Clerics

This path was created with Paladin and Cleric players in mind as it offers you the most Undead leveling locations of any of my other Leveling Guides. All of these locations will be chock full of Undead monsters so Paladins can take advantage of their Slay Undead AA line.

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 1-10 (Tutorial)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 10-15 Kurn's Tower

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 15-30 Unrest

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 30-46 Lower Guk

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 46-57 Veksar

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 57-65 Crypt of Nadox

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 65-70 Wall of Slaughter (Undead Murkgliders)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 70-71+AA's The Hole

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 71-75 Arcstone

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 75-77 Direwind Graveyard

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 77-83 Loping Plains Graveyard

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 83-85 Hills of Shade

Oceangreen Hills 83 - 90 Zombies

Path 3 - My "Old School" path

This is my Old School EQ Leveling Path. These zones are here to offer players a nostalgic experience, taking you back to where you probably were 6 - 10 years ago while playing Everquest. The mobs thoughout this path are a lot weaker than on most other paths, however using the same logic they reward you with less exp and for instance the first path.

Everquest Leveling Guide: 1-15 Noob Zones

Everquest Leveling Guide: 15-23 Paludal Caverns

Everquest Leveling Guide: 23-27 Marus Seru

Everquest Leveling Guide: 27-35 The Overthere

Everquest Leveling Guide: 35-45 Nagafen's Lair

Everquest Leveling Guide: 45-53 Dulak's Harbor

Everquest Leveling Guide: 53-65 The Hole

Everquest Leveling Guide: 65-70 Plane of Fire

Path 4 - Money Making Path

This path is the final path that I have for my Everquest Leveling Guides. This path here will show you all of the zones that will offer you the best money and experience for your level ranges. If you're new to the game or on a new server going through these leveling locations will almost always put you ahead of everyone else your level in plat!

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 1-10 Tutorial

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 10-15 Cresent Reach (Bears)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 15-35 Castle Mistmoore

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 35-50 City of Mist

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 50-60 Old Sebilis

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 60-65 Crypt of Nadox (Tied in with undead leveling)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 65-71 The Hole (Tied in with undead leveling)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 71-75 Dragonscale Hills (Tied in with path 1)

Almar's Everquest Leveling Guide: 75-85 Field of Scale (Tied in with path 1)

Everquest AA Grinding Guide

           This section is dedicated to giving you a list of the best places possible for you to grind out AA XP at any level range. Instead of giving you a path to follow like I normally do this guide will provide you with specific individual locations. At any time during the level range listed and AA prerequisite requirements you will be able to go to this zone. An example of the format I will use to show you these zones can be seen below.

Plane of Fire: C1 (70 - 78) (This will be clickable and will take you to the page for that location, Also tells you level range.)
AA Prerequisite: 100 (This will tell you how many well placed AA's you should have before coming here.)
Damage Dealt: 200 - 550 (This will tell you about how much the mobs hit for.)
AAs Per Hour: 7 (This will tell you about how many AAs you should expect every hour from this location.)
PP Per Hour: 2,000+ (This will tell you about how much plat you will make every hour here.)
Mercenary Requirement: Yes/No (This will tell you if you need a Mercenary to hunt here or not.)
Classes: All (This will tell you what classes can hunt here.)
Other: Don't summon, low resists, are Headshotable, few named spawns (Other important information about the camp.)

           To prevent any confusion about the AA Prerequisite section, the "Important" AAs that I am talking about refer to the defensive AAs. These include Combat Agility, Combat Stability, Natural Durability, Physical Enhancement and so on and so forth. All of these are very important for you to get and should be acquired very early on. Of course if you're a caster you'll want to make sure you are able to take a beating or have the best pet available to you at the time. No one will know your limits better than you, so keep that in mind.

Many Different Leveling Locations

Additional Leveling Locations:

Everquest AA Guide 50 - 60

Everquest AA Guide 60 - 70

Everquest AA Guide 70 - 80

Everquest AA Guide 80 - 85

Everquest AA Guide 85 - 90

Everquest AA Guide 90 - 95





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