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TOP NEWS: The Everquest guide I am working on is a TLP Farming Guide and I will feel comfortable releasing more on it in a few weeks. Also I am going to be willing to accept donations for early access to the section for those out there who are interested. The guide is only 2/5ths done or so but I am going to work on it a lot more this weekend as I have a lot of free time. Anyone who donates from now until I release the guide probably towards the end of feb or maybe in March will receive a link to it.

I have updated my Donations Page and gave it a complete overhaul. Hopefully this makes the page more appealing as it was really archaic looking. Also, I got another donation recently in the last week or so and I must say, thank you. I really appreciate the donations guys. I am going to touch up my website A LOT this year, in fact in the upcomming months I should have a complete rehaul of my background and I am thinking of changing up the top too.

The buttons are getting a rehaul too, my links + layout - you're going to see a whole new Almar's Guides and I am really excited for this release.






Also I have been working a lot more on my TLP Leveling Guides. I am really happy with the progress so far and the *new* guides I am working on are coming along splendidly as well. I have two sections I am working on, one of them isn't EQ related and I am going to release some of it right now!

Retro Gaming Section

Retro Gaming Reviews

Retro Gaming Walkthroughs

This section will be a work in progress for years. Right now it only covers about 7 or so games that I played in the last month or so. The section will get a lot of TLC this year and it is going to be one of my primary sections in the years to come. I am really interested to see what type of hits it gets.


Test.... an update from the future!!



Happy New Years everyone! I have pretty big plans for this year including a complete return of me writing guides. I have been working for the entire last month on different guides and I don't want to do staggered releases, I want to do one giant release for everything. That said, sorry EQ fans, not ALL the guides are EQ related. Some of them are for Retro games. As mentioned in my other update I wanted to write more than just guides for Everquest, older games that catch my attention are also going to get love.

That doesn't mean I am not working on EQ guides though! In fact, I have a guide under way that I get bugged for a whole lot. It's going to really make a lot of TLP players happy when I release this guide. Also if you'd like to see my progress now on some of my EQ work, just check out the TLP Leveling Section! I have been working on this the past few days and it has gotten a lot of touch ups. A lot more detailed for each area and there is even more to come.

Everquest Classic Leveling Guide

Everquest Kunark Leveling Guide

Everquest Velious Leveling Guide

Everquest Luclin Leveling Guide

Everquest PoP Leveling Guide

I would like to thank those who have donated to me in the recent months again as well. You two are part of the reason I am doing such a come back. Apparently I am as cheap as a whore because I got like 80$ in donations and I am writing guides again. One of my donators will be really happy the next giant guide I am releasing is going to be fulfilling their request. No spoilers yet though, sorry, it's still under construction! I can give you a hint though, it's going to use the same layout as my leveling guides that I just linked!


Host has been changed.


So, I have been thinking more about the future of Almar's Guides and what I plan to do with it recently. Let me come out and say this right now, this isn't a goodbye so lets get that out of the way right now =P

I just switched hosts and invested a lot into the website, upgrading things here and there and going with better packages, you know, boring shit like that. Point is, these guides will probably be up/around forever. Or at least until I die, then you'll have to go to google webarchives for them and well, that won't be the least of my problems I guess!

As I have said in the past, this website was never really good as an actual job. As most anyone can tell you who runs a website like this, they're usually not in it for the money, they're in it because they enjoy it/like what they do. Previously when I was all in this for the cash, I covered a lot of games and I really didn't like the job too much. I felt like I had to rush through the games to go back and redo the content to write a guide for it before anyone else put any guides out. It made the whole gaming experience really unenjoyable for me.

So, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to really narrow down what games I cover. Primarily, Everquest is going to be the only MMORPG I cover. To make this more prominent on my website I am curious if anyone out there would be interested in assisting me with making new buttons for my website and/or recommendations for a new background. I don't care about anything fancy smancy, same dimensions as my old one though which is 2985 x 2500. That way it flows well with the same size. If you are interested in this and helping me out I would be very appreciative of it. I suck with making pictures of stuff and I honestly could not even make something half decent, which is why I have used the MoP WoW background for like 4 friggen years.

I want to make changes and say "Hey, I am alive, and Everquest is my game" - also I think I may start writing more guides and/or reviewing retro games. I may create a retro section depending on how things go. It's a hobby I enjoy and I may put together a section for it and see how well it does with hits.


Things that are defintiely out in the future:

Video guides

Me going back to WoW - ever

Me writing guides for any other MMORPG but Everquest.


If you're able to assist me in making a background for my website and/or new buttons that are primarily Everquest oriented please contact me at .. Or if you wanna cheer me on for the retro gaming section and are interested too, I actually wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts. I don't know how many emails I will get so I may not answer everyone but if I see interest in a retro gaming section it may be something I do in say 4 weeks from now versus 3 - 4 months from now.



You may see Almar's Guides down/with intermitten delays over the next few days as I switch hosts.

I apologize for the inconvience!


Another update? So soon! Omg! Hey everyone, well, I am making another update because I would like to say I am very grateful for those of you who have actually shown support so far with some donations. You've made my month. I was kind of hoping my last update wouldn't make me sound like an old curmudgeon, maybe it did a little but I am glad some folks out there understood!

Well, the good news is your support and donations have caused me to work on some of my TLP leveling guides! I have updated the leveling section for Ragefire, Lockjaw and Phinigel to help out most players. I have changed the format of my leveling guide section for the TLPs to hopefully make it easier to get all the information at once and also it cuts down a lot on the work I have to do per guide with this new format. No new page or pictures of loot layout for the location... Mostly just succinct information of it with links to any good drops or nameds. Also I will link to any previously written guide for that location that I may have.

If you guys out there have any feedback on my new layout for the leveling section let me know as I am probably going to continue using it for my future leveling guides and also my future farming guides.

Currently on the horizon what I expect to do is polish my leveling section and make a farming section geared for TLP players. If you would like to speed up the process, keep donating and helping me out! It wouldn't take much for me to come back to writing guides more frequently than I do. As it stands now people have only donated 100$ or so altogether and that caused me to revamp my TLP leveling section.

Thank you all again, those of you out there who use my website and help keep it running, I am glad that after so many years so many people still find all of these guides very helpful. Even if my website wasn't the financial success I had imagined growing up, I am glad it helped many of you enjoy the same games I did.


Well I am bored because they are currently patching in EoK so I decided to post a little something here since I haven't updated it in literal months. Probably the question I get asked the most is when am I going to update my guides. Well the truth is updating my guides and keeping my website up to date takes a lot of work and effort. A lot of people have no idea how much work goes into keeping the guides up to date and making new ones, I have nothing but respect for those over at EQresources for doing an amazing job on their guides.

I haven't asked anyone to support my website or me in a long time but that's pretty much what this update is about. Making guides takes time, time takes money away from me. 6 years ago I had nothing better to do than write guides, now adays I got a job and stuff to do so I can't commit that much time and energy to writing guides. When I first started this adblockers weren't that prevalent, now adays pretty much everyone uses adblockers and no one ever whitelists websites to help support them. Its just how things are.

So, if you guys want to support Almar's Guides, whitelist my website so the ads display, I never ever ever ever ever use intrusive ads or annoying ones, no pop ups or shit that talks to you, just plain basic adds usually for F2P browser games.

Also, another way to give back to me of course is donate. In the last 3 years I have received a single donation for my website and it was recently. This week in fact. Truth is there isn't much insentive to write guides for me anymore as much as I used to or update old ones. I get trolled in game by the community I am meant to be helping because I am a boxer and my website pulls in less than 100$ a month. I will always keep this website up and running and when I get time/want to I usually write guides. I got harrassed for my last guide because I recommended using third party software by a large group of players on my server. That was fun.

Fact of the matter is I would come back and write more guides under two circumstances, the first is if people actually showed me kindness for the guides I wrote instead of just telling me how terrible my website looks or how outdated my guides are. The second way would be if it became financially viable to spend my time on.


I'm human just like everyone else and have feelings. When people don't appreciate my work I don't want to continue it. Maybe if I was being paid and being harrassed that would be a different story. But as of right now I am not being paid and I am getting an insane amount of shit because of the way I play EQ (I am a boxer) and because I recommend boxing and using third party software to others.


So, if you'd like to support me, please whitelist my website or, of course, you can always donate to me as well by using the donate button at the top of my website in the upper right hand corner. Even if you donate a penny just to say thanks for all the hardwork, it's appreciated. A single good comment makes up for 10 bad ones.



Today I have started the newest and biggest guide yet, a complete 1 - 105 walkthrough for Everquest!

This is still a giant work in progress, I haven't touched 100 - 105 yet and there is a lot more information/data i am going to be adding to everything. It feels great to be back and writing guides again though. Hopefully for the summer of 2016 I pump out hundreds of guides.

It may be to soon to say, im back baby.


Happy belated new years everyone!


I wanted to post a real update this time, its been awhile since all of the drama and shit on Lockjaw. Thankfully most of the assholes are gone and Phinigel is the official home of the assholes in Everquest. It's nice to finally find peace and quiet in the game I have loved for all these years.

Since I started on the TLPs it has been a mad rush to catch up/get my box team where it needs to be and mixing that with work has been overwhelming. Luckily everything is starting to mellow out now and I think within the next few months, most likely by summer time 2016 I am going to be able to actively start updating again. People have given me feedback on my website over this past year about little minor things that need to be tweaked and this summer I plan to crack down on all of the things I left out from my last binge on the TLPs writing guides.

Being such a big boxer now versus before where I was just one Druid I am able to toy with a lot more shit on my own instead of having to ask people to waste their time to come help me write a guide. You should expect a lot from me this coming summer - raid guides, tradeskill guides etc etc. Once I get the ball rolling on Lockjaw and start raiding really nothing is going to stop me.

Also for all of you casuals out there that remember my idea for a guild involving showing people raid content who normally wouldn't have the time to do it, that'll be happening sometime in 2016. I'm sorry for the wait and the super long delay but selfish assholes hindered the entire process and I was forced to level/gear a lot of characters to counter it. As time goes on and preparation draws to a close action can finally start happening. I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of Everquest with as many of you in the future as possible.



<This is currently a work in progress, I will work more on the formatting over time most likely there will be ads displayed here above the comment section in the future, the usual ones you see on websites prior to the disqus chat. They have their own ad system called Revel which I need to wait for approval for, I don't know how long it will take but once that's done I can reformat this.>

If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or just have a comment please feel free to leave it below!



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