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Zelda A Link to the Past Walkthrough

Game Boy Advance Codes

Animal Crossing Passwords

LOTR The Third Age Guides

EQ Updates will be starting with the TLPs within the next few weeks

Grade 1 Treasure Hunting Materials

Exquisite Yellow CrystalExquisite Yellow Crystal

Wind CrystalWind Crystal

Fire NodeFire Node

Grade 2 Treasure Hunting Materials



Precious Yellow CrystalPrecious Yellow Crystal

Grade 3 Treasure Hunting Materials

Immaculate Yellow CrystalImmaculate Yellow Crystal

Tatooine FlamegemTatooine Flamegem

Krayt Dragon PearlKrayt Dragon Pearl

Grade 4 Treasure Hunting Materials


Pristine Yellow CrystalPristine Yellow Crystal


Grade 5 Treasure Hunting Materials

Prismatic CrystalPrismatic Crystal

Flawless Yellow CrystalFlawless Yellow Crystal

Nova CrystalNova Crystal

Grade 6 Treasure Hunting Materials

Perfect Orange CrystalPerfect Orange Crystal

Perfect Yellow CrystalPerfect Yellow Crystal

Lorrdian GemstoneLorrdian Gemstone

Corusca GemCorusca Gem





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