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Bioanalysis Grade 1 Materials

Green GooGreen Goo (Used for many low to mid level Biochem recipes)

Dielectric Cell FiberDielectric Cell Fiber (Used for many low to mid level Biochem recipes)

Bacterial StrainBacterial Strain

Bioanalysis Grade 2 Materials

Microscopic SymbioteMicroscopic Symbiote

Luminescent Cell CultureLuminescent Cell Culture

Genetic AnomalyGenetic Anomaly

Toxic ExtractToxic Extract

Bioanalysis Grade 3 Materials

Hallucinogenic CompoundHallucinogenic Compound

Unknown MicroorganismUnknown Microorganism

Blue GooBlue Goo

Bio-Energy Cell SampleBio-Energy Cell Sample

Medicinal FluidMedicinal Fluid

Bioanalysis Grade 4 Materials

Cosmic Trace ParticleCosmic Trace Particle

Inert VirusInert Virus

Nerve-Damaging ChemicalNerve-Damaging Chemical

Alien BacteriaAlien Bacteria

Bioanalysis Grade 5 Materials

Psychoactive CompoundPsychoactive Compound

Parasitic MicroorganismParasitic Microorganism

Nutrient GelNutrient Gel

Quick-Growth AgentQuick-Growth Agent

Bioanalysis Grade 6 Materials

Immunity Cell CultureImmunity Cell Culture

Red GooRed Goo

Mutagenic PasteMutagenic Paste

Neurochemical Extract Neurochemical Extract



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